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Registered Phenomena Code: 854

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Secondary Class: Utility

Hazard Types: h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional Hazard h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-contact.png Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols:

Being exposed to RPC-854 is not automatically lethal, unless a non-practitioner has been exposed to the anomaly for around 11-15 minutes which can cause individuals to develop Polycythemia vera.1

Because of RPC-854’s beneficial properties, and the benefits of personnel learning to harness it, however, because of the high-risk factors that come into play when training to utilise RPC-854, the Authority will only allow for select members from the Protection and Containment Divisions to learn how to harness RPC-854.
Notice: Personnel in the Protection Division that have successfully learnt how to utilise RPC-854, will be contacted and encouraged to enlist in MST Echo-252 ("Dreaded Out").

Due to the anonymity of the location that RPC-854-A is unable to leave and which RPC-854-B are settled at, minimal containment procedures are required to prevent knowledge of the anomalies from being leaked to the public. In the event RPC-854-A becomes able to leave their location, depending on their intentions, they should either be subdued and contained or allowed to remain within the boundaries of their location.

Interviews with RPC-854-A should be conducted every two months, with relations between the Authority and the entity being upheld through RPC-854-D instances under Authority employment.

It's advised that personnel bring two of the gifts listed below and present them to RPC-854-A if they are selected to undergo the trials to learn RPC-854-2.

  • Two bottles of red wine.
  • Cooked ungulate meat.
  • Spices.

Those selected that have agreed to becoming RPC-854-1, will be given some documents confirming that the Authority is not to be held liable for any damages sustained during their training, nor will any of their next-of-kin who are also employed in the Authority be eligible to file complaints to the Authority Crimes Tribunal for damages.

All materials relating to RPC-854 are otherwise restricted to clearance level 3 and above.


RPC-854 is an anomalous form of radiation, that is more commonly referred to as ‘Zemljina moć’3 by RPC-854-B, who were the first to have discovered it. It has been found that all living organisms are capable of harnessing, exerting and manipulating RPC-854, however, there are few who are able to achieve this to its fullest.4

Living organisms are able to harness RPC-854 through a mentally concentrated process, causing RPC-854 to then be transferred throughout the individual’s bloodstream. It has been found that practitioners of RPC-854 must be at least semi-conscious when attempting to generate even small amounts of RPC-854. RPC-854 appears to manifest as a green light.

RPC-854 can also be spread and held within condensed matters such as liquids and solids, although only solids that are composed out of silver and/or iron will be able to effectively contain any RPC-854 that is created. In all other cases, the practitioner must maintain contact with the matter in order to effectively conduct the anomaly in the material.

Additionally, practitioners may opt to produce RPC-854 throughout their bodies, granting their physical capabilities to become more noticeably enhanced after roughly 5-10 minutes of allowing it to be spread through the bloodstream. This can be concentrated to specific areas of the body, e.g. hands, arms, legs.

Any form of deceased matter that comes into immediate contact with RPC-854 will quickly begin to disintegrate.5 However, substances such as petroleum have been found to not be susceptible, nor conductible to RPC-854, potentially suggesting that millions of years of decomposition will render RPC-854 null upon contact.

The estimated time for non-members of RPC-854-B to learn RPC-854 is roughly 5 years, although, there have been exceptions to this.

RPC-854-A is a small rural community of ethnic Vlachs that have currently stationed themselves around the area that RPC-854-B resides, with an estimated population of around 216 individuals. All members of the community have proven themselves adept at using RPC-854, however, only 29% are able to manifest and manipulate RPC-854-1, furthermore less than 9% have the necessary capability to manipulate RPC-854-2.

Although a majority of RPC-854-A is adverse towards outside interaction, and members will only periodically leave to gather supplies, information and/or resources, but have been more open to interviews and communication with the Authority, preferring to do so through Site-286.

All members of RPC-854-A practice a form of paganism, with the most notable deity in their religion being RPC-854-B, whom they refer to as Svarog.8

Onwards from the 15th century, until establishing a permanent camp around RPC-854-B in 1911, RPC-854-A pursued a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Only a few members of RPC-854-A were ever permitted to leave at a time, usually for the aforementioned reasons, but would also seek out 502 instances. around the area and neutralise them.

Periodically, a small group of anywhere between 3-5 members of RPC-854-A would set out for an undesignated period of time to seek out RPC-502 instances to neutralise, seen as a right of passage by RPC-854-B. An elder in RPC-854-A would also be present to witness and intervene in the battle as they saw fit.

It wasn't until 1912, when RPC-854-A discarded this tradition for a new right of passage that was provided by the area in which RPC-854-B was situated. Once a practitioner had completed their basic training, RPC-854-B would give them a task to complete, the tasks varying between an individual based on their skills and weaknesses. Despite this, certain members of RPC-854-A were not permitted to engage in armed combat unless in self-defence, which usually applied to the community elder, doctors, teachers etc.

Addendum 854.01: Discovery Log

All anomalies relating to RPC-854 were first discovered on the 13th of February, 1999, by Site-286 during an excavation trip into the Homolje Mountains, after numerous reports of deceased RPC-502-1 instances close to the area caught the attention of the site. The trip was lead by Monk. Rajković who lead a small group of other monks and security personnel, who camped within the mountains near where one of the 502-1 instances had been killed.

All personnel who were selected for the trip wore signet rings9 bearing the symbol of the archangel Michael on them. Around 15 minutes after staying in camp, one of the guards noticed a figure emerging from the forest and was wearing an RPC-854-C instance that bared the same symbol as that of the Monastery of the Holy Archangels.

Monk. Rajković carefully approached the figure while showcasing the signet ring to them, causing the figure to calmly approach the camp once they had taken notice of it, removing their RPC-854-C instance from their face. After a few minutes of conversing with the figure, they agreed to lead Monk. Rajković and the group to RPC-854-B.

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