Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-015

Director of Research: Dr. Jane Simon

Assigned MST: MST Delta-1 ("The Keepers"), MST Bravo-6 ("Knockin' On Heaven's Door")
Director of Containment: Dr. Nolan Earl


Registered Phenomena Code: 009


Object Class:

Beta - Orange Beta - Purple

Responsible Departments:

History.png Department of History
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sentient.png Sentient h-contact.png Contact h-gravitational.png Gravitational h-emotional.png Emotional h-ideological.png Ideological

Containment Protocols: RPC-009 is stored in storage locker 7, a 10³ Beta-class containment locker at Site-015. Four members of MST Unit Delta-1 "The Keepers"1 and four members of MST Bravo-6 "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"2 are to be guarding the entrance of RPC-009's containment chamber at all times. Shifts rotate every 5 hours.

The Department of History is to search for anything related to RPC-009 in historical texts, especially in the Bible.

Description: RPC-009 is a semi-sentient3 winged humanoid bearing wearing white steel armor resembling that worn by 15th century English knights. RPC-009 usually stands upright with both arms crossed. A Latin inscription has been carved onto the breastplate of RPC-009's armor "Acceptat Deus nisi dignus." which when translated reads "God only accepts the worthy."

When a human subject capable of comprehending the phrase says it aloud and makes physical contact with RPC-009, they will immediately begin floating upwards at a straight axis at a speed of approximately 100 kilometres per hour. Subjects will not experience any physical distress which would normally be brought on by the severe decrease in bodily temperature or increase in pressure caused by traveling at such altitudes. Subjects will instead remain conscious and capable of speaking despite any physical damages they may receive which would render them incapable of doing so.

Upon being launched into the air, subjects will respond with distress and worry. Upon reaching the Troposphere,4 subjects will experience symptoms similar to severe psychosis and feelings of euphoria, initially claiming to perceive visual and auditory hallucinations described as being other worldly and often divine in nature.

These feelings will increase as subject rises further into the Earths Atmosphere, often to the point of hysteria and hypoxia.5 As subjects rise into the Stratosphere,6

Subjects will become increasingly unverbose when asked to describe hallucinations. At this point, subjects will generally diverge into hysterics. Subjects are also observed speaking to a separate, unseen entity.

When subjects enter the Mesosphere,7 they will cease ascending and begin to fall back toward ground level at a fast pace. Subjects at this point will begin to endure the full physical and mental effects of RPC-009 brought on by their ascent into the air, and will either expire before eventually hitting ground level, or hit the ground with immense force.

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