Nine Thousand Lives & The Witchcraft of the Angra Mainyu, Who Is All Death

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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-009

Object Class: Beta-White Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic, Thaumoactive1 [04/06/2021:] Aggression, Sentient

Containment Protocols: Textual instructions for known RPC-009 variants are to be stored on Site-232 under purview of the Congregance (Theistic Department). No activations of RPC-009 are to be attempted, under risk of manifesting a second instance of RPC-009-A. In the event that an activation of RPC-009 is required for emergency purposes, a specialized advisory team may be assembled from Groves Radiation specialists and Site-232 Congregance personnel.

Were an instance of RPC-009-A to be identified, Site-232 personnel are prepared for deployment and ritual containment. Instructions for such a ritual are included in Appendix 009-2.

Investigations regarding the properties of Groves Radiation on corpses are underway.

Issuing Authority: Theistic Department Head, Kaveh Ghorbani, Site-232
Reasoning: The functioning and collateral effects of RPC-009 are poorly understood, and activation may result in the generation of threats that are difficult or impossible to address.

Description: RPC-009 refers to a theogonic2 ritual method through which the duplication of a single instance of Felis silvestris catus (housecat) is possible via the sacrifice and consumption of another instance or the remains thereof. The produced cat will be in every way identical to the original instance: age, genotype, and memories are preserved.

Numerations are used to differentiate unique variants of the ritual, whether discovered by a third party or developed by members of the Prometheus Primogenitus (Department of Occult Concerns). The oldest known instructions, termed RPC-009-0, were discovered during a sting operation on north-eastern Libya, targeting a minor unnamed Group of Interest with occult interests.

While RPC-009 is grounded on Zoroastrian principles, it is unusually malleable for rituals of similar origin: deviations from its original instructions are possible without rendering the ritual nonfunctional, instead producing a variety of unique results. A few examples have been listed below.

  • RPC-009-17 is a variation capable of producing a 21-month old housecat of the Arabian Mau breed, regardless of the characteristics of the original instance employed. This is achieved by cutting the hair of the original housecat short, as well as replacing Zoroastrian symbolic content with equivalents of Islamic origin.6
  • RPC-009-25 will produce a housecat of identical age to the original instance, transmuting it to a seemingly random breed of European origin (i.e. Chartreux, European Shorthair, Oriental Bicolor). Removing all religious symbolic content from RPC-009-0 produces this variation.7
  • RPC-009-66 results from attempting any variation of RPC-009 that uses an animal that is not a housecat. All resources employed for the ritual immediately undergo liquefaction via mass lysis8 of bodily cells. The resulting lysate coalesces together while its components decay, becoming a uniform dark purple substance with a strong odor reminiscent of cat urine. This substance is known to spontaneously meow, but has no further anomalous properties.

» Appendix 009-1 «
Research Fair, 4 Jun 2021


During the 31st Decennial Research World's Fair hosted at Site-248, a Site-121 Prometheus Primogenitus team was granted an exposition slot at Sector-13B (Wing D). Their project, presented under the name "Thaumic Energy & Perpetual Generation" made primary use of RPC-009-98, positing its potential exploitation as a renewable and possibly limitless source of energy.

Significant adjustments had to be done to the allowed space and the anomaly in order to permit visitors inside Sector-13B while successfully executing RPC-009-98 on a loop, including:

  • Usage of Sector-13B's basement for execution, lined with soundproof material
  • An oil pipette over the image of a team member's spouse, containing shredded Ephedra9
  • Placement of the former inside a hermetically sealed, reinforced glass container
  • Constant flow of a potent anesthetic agent (GPA "WIND", courtesy of OAS Chemistry Dpt.), mixed with rapid-dissipation neurotoxin (TA-X-867, courtesy of MST Echo-8) to rapidly dispose of generated housecats and trigger RPC-009-98 again
  • Container connects to Sector-13B, obscuring the less tasteful aspects from a potential crowd
  • The upper side of the container has an Almagro-Variant Groves Counter inside for exhibition purposes

A recording of the conference given at 14:00 during the 6th day of the Research Fair regarding this project is attached below.

Requests from the "Thaumic Energy & Perpetual Generation" team for greater funding allocations on the closing days of the Research World's Fair would be rejected. A summary of the analysis by the Office of Financial Affairs is attached below.

Office Of Financial Affairs - Applicability Analysis

Asset: RPC-009-98

Economic Value: Limited

Details: While usage of RPC-009-98 initially appears optimal in terms of energy generation, particularly when taking into account the engineering ingenuity of Site-121's Department of Occult Concerns team, practical applications for the anomaly remain scant. This is primarily owed to three causes;

  1. The resources and safety measures required to maintain a ritual loop are exceedingly expensive. This is exacerbated by the ethical restrictions placed by the Office of Ethics & Review. Maintenance costs range from 50,000 to 70,000 USD, primarily owing to the chemical agents required to humanely terminate and anesthetize felines: such costs are unacceptable when considering recent budgetary constraints.
  2. Groves Radiation is highly unstable, forcing production, storage and transportation at lower quantities. Even in supposedly safe conditions, accidents are statistically more likely to occur and produce higher collateral damage than with non-anomalous fuels.
  3. The final energetic output of sulphur combustion is low compared to coal combustion. Sulphur releases around 9 megajoules per kilogram (MJ/Kg) combusted, while anthracite coal releases 32 MJ/Kg.

These issues are explored in-depth in the OFA Extraordinary Advancements Report, 2021 Edition (Section V "Research World's Fair", pp. 57-78)

Nevertheless, Groves Radiation and RPC-009-98 should remain in consideration as potential assets of situational utility. In particular, non-fuel usage of Groves Radiation is attractive for engineering and containment purposes, as will be discussed in Section XI.

» Appendix 009-2 «


During the 8th day of the 31st Decennial Research World's Fair, Site-248's Wing D had to be evacuated following a substantive leakage of Groves Radiation.

Although the Fair was on its closing days and Wing D was in the process of being vacated from exposition materials, four minor conferences were still to take place, resulting in the evacuation of approximately 78 people. A timeline of the incident is attached below.

RPC-009-A remained immobile in its location for the following two hours, while Charlie-9 attempted numerous conventional methods of attack against it. Among these were artillery bombardments, chlorine trifluoride dousing, and rapid-dispersion neurotoxin deployment, all of which proved ineffective.

While these attempts continued, the Groves Radiation emanated by RPC-009-A progressively affected its immediate surroundings: nearby evergreens and other flora would rapidly wither and collapse, with parts of their mass transmuting into living animals.15 These animals were hostile against Charlie-9, proving numerous enough to force them to retreat from the immediate surroundings.

Among preparations to retake the area around RPC-009-A, a team of Congregance containment specialists, entirely composed of Zoroastrian Magi,16 approached Charlie-9 operatives. While this team was temporarily stationed in nearby OL-Site-███, it is unknown how they were made aware of the details of the ongoing operation and declined to comment on the matter.

The team's leader, Kaveh Ghorbani, offered assistance in the containment of RPC-009-A via ritual methods, having prepared six sacred animals for the task: four Rottweiler dogs, one Borzoi dog, and one European otter (Lutra lutra).17

Detachment leader Capt. Jameson Laidre agreed to allow for their containment plan to be attempted, offering the use of incendiary weaponry to clear the area of hostile animals, to which Ghorbani vehemently refused, insisting that other kinds of weapons be used.

A log of the containment attempt is attached below.

Reconstruction efforts for Sector-13 and Site-248's surroundings are underway.

Containment Protocols have been updated in light of the incident. Responsibilities regarding RPC-009 have been transferred to the Theistic Department. The Prometheus Primogenitus team responsible for the "Thaumic Energy & Perpetual Generation" conference will not be reprimanded given the ambiguous circumstances surrounding the incident.

It is suspected that previous activations of RPC-009 may have resulted in the manifestation of similar malignant entities as RPC-009-A. Investigations are ongoing.

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