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ACS Dreamscape

This page is an archive for a contest entry that was hosted at a special URL. The article has since been ported to the main site as RPC-813.

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Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Alpha-White (Explained)

Additional Properties: Extra-dimensional


Photograph of an endless bridge within ALTR-N2WU; obtained January 10, 2020

Containment Protocols: A complete transcript of RPC-013 is available for viewing with level 013/0005 clearance. This database entry has been filed in accordance with CLASS 013/0004 CLEARANCE, granting access to documents RPC-013-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 09, 11, 17 and 18, along with all additional ALTR-N2WU photographs. Contact the RPC-013 Project Head, Dr. Bentham, to request a higher clearance file.

Description: RPC-013 is a series of inter-dimensional transmissions sent as memotic vectors[1] through the infoplane[2] and received through the Labrador Sea memotic singularity1. Once decrypted and analyzed, the transmissions were found to originate from a previously unknown alternate reality (hereby designated ALTR-N2WU), transmitted by Dr. Garsow, an Assistant Researcher who had been lost and presumed dead 28 days prior during the Site-014 incident.


Photograph obtained November 1, 2020
(Full Resolution)

On June 13, 2019, an event occurred in which Site-014 was destroyed by a nuclear blast. At the northern end of Site-014 was room A11-B, the primary experimentation room for extra-dimensional travel. The nuclear blast occurred at the same time that a prototype portal device was being tested, causing a Tera-3 Reality Instability Scenario.

Seen within security footage streamed directly to off-site data storage, the initial shockwave caused the extra-dimensional portal to rupture, generating several spatial distortions within the immediate area. Dr. Garsow and an additional five individuals passed into these spatial distortions before the full blast could reach the room.

The transmissions log Dr. Garsow's attempts to return to baseline reality, along with his experiences within ALTR-N2WU. Despite extensive endeavors, the Authority has been unable to make contact with Dr. Garsow in any capacity.

The transmissions are transcribed below, cataloged chronologically. All content has been left unaltered.

Document RPC-013-05 catalogs transmissions received prior to those within RPC-013-04; however, it is contextually apparent that they were transmitted afterward.

Additional Images are available below.

1. Memotic Vectors: Units of unbodied information (memotic quanta) with an applied direction of travel
2. The Infoplane: An extra-dimensional plane which mediates memotic quanta

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