The Broken Despot

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Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Beta-Black

Hazard Types: Psychotronic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Info-Hazard, Destabilization Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-013 is to be contained at Site-033's underground seclusion wing within a standard humanoid cell. RPC-013 is to be delivered food twice a day by a conveyor belt connected to the cell's east wall. Alongside this, RPC-013 is to be suited at all times in wool-packed clothing as to prevent harm to itself.

Any direct interactions with RPC-013 are not permitted unless explicitly approved by the Site-033 Director. Unscripted interactions and communications with RPC-013 pose a high risk of informational leakage and the activation of RPC-013-1.1 RPC-013 is to be interviewed on a weekly basis for a better understanding of the "December Incident."

No more than five personnel are to have full access to all RPC-013-1 documentation at a time. Discussions between personnel regarding RPC-013-1 are to last no more than 15 minutes. To limit potential activation of anomalous effects and subsequent containment breaches, or severe structural damage to Site-033, personnel reviewing RPC-013-1 documentation must take a 5-minute break every 500 words. Failure to do so could result in a breach of containment or severe structural damage to Site-033.


The only known photograph of RPC-013; taken during its time in German POW camps

Description: RPC-013 is a human male of Russian descent, born in 19222 and named Vsevolod Baranov.3 RPC-013 suffers from several mental and physiological health conditions such as blindness, severe malnutrition,4 dissociative identity disorder, and an inability to differentiate between past, present, and future events when communicating. RPC-013 seems incapable of being terminated by any injury. What would be a lethal force against any human, only incapacitating him, or leaving small scars. RPC-013 however, does not show signs of augmented regeneration, needing a normal amount of time to heal from injuries.

Acquired WW2 documents describe a series of anomalous experiments conducted on RPC-013 and others in Germany by Group of Interest "Omega Iota."5 These experiments attempted but failed to produce an elevated form of human life via primitive anomalous genetic modifications; all test subjects except RPC-013 expired.

In addition to its, RPC-013 has displayed an advanced degree of psychotronic abilities, seemingly being able to perceive the thoughts and memories of all sapient beings in a non-linear spectrum of time, the extent of which is unknown.6 RPC-013 may possess a level of telepathic manipulation of nearby matter and secondary tychokinetic effects as a result.7

In regards to its usual behavior, RPC-013 spends most of its time idly standing in the middle of its cell, or aimlessly wandering around it. Should this behavior change, personnel are to immediately notify Site-033's Director.

Omega-Iota Collected Documents and Interviews in Chronological Order:

Discovery: On the 9th of March, 2021, an unidentified nude individual carrying what appeared to be a file and several hard drives in its hands was seen sprinting towards the near vicinity of Site-033. The man was warned several times to halt but did not cease until fired upon.

After being shot 5 times in the chest, the individual fell to the ground, presumed dead, then rose once again after 5 seconds. This repeated a second time. At this point, all magazines within ASF armaments simultaneously jammed, allowing the individual to reach the entrance door to Site-033. The door opened despite no pass card or clearance being entered.

The individual then proceeded to sprint towards Site Director Elliot Benedict's office, but was successfully apprehended by on-site security. After temporary containment, an interview was held to determine the individual's origins and motives.

Interview Logs:

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