The Endless Allegiance

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Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic h-sapient.png Sapient h-transmutation.png Transmutation

Containment Protocols: ASF personnel are to maintain a circular, 10 km perimeter around OL-Site-013. RPC-013-2 instances threatening the perimeter of OL-Site-013 are to be terminated. ASF units are not to engage RPC-013-1. Upon sighting an RPC-013-1 instance ASF personnel are expected to immediately retreat and request assistance.

RPC-013-1 instances are to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell inside OL-Site-013. RPC-013-1 are never to be transported off of RPC-013. Any requests for wooden objects, especially sticks, is to be denied. Sightings, breaches, or raids on OL-Site-013 by RPC-013-1 are to be handled only by a designated ATG team.

Description: RPC-013 is an island approximately 200 km off the coast of █████████████, USA. A coniferous forest covers most of RPC-013's mountainous terrain, with the remaining land being flat, grassy plains. With satellite surveillance, RPC-013's size, shape, and climate is shown to drastically change at a rate which should not be possible. However, while on RPC-013 or even viewing it from the ocean, the geography does not appear to change at all. Devices such as compasses become inoperable upon entering the island, making navigation even more difficult.

All anomalous wildlife found on RPC-013 will now be designated as RPC-013-2. RPC-013-2 all loosely resemble non-anomalous animals, but differ in size, color, and form, the last being how the instance is structured anatomically.1 RPC-013-2 are known to travel in packs, and are hostile to Authority personnel. The intelligence of RPC-013-2 instances varies, but is thought to be generally low. Their relationship with RPC-013-1 is still under investigation.

RPC-013-1 refers to anomalous individuals who live on RPC-013 and use psychotronic abilities. All RPC-013-1 instances discovered by the Authority have been female, have pale skin, and wear a black dress. RPC-013-1's abilities include near limitless transmutation and a barrier summoning ability.2 Their transmutation ability is their main weapon against Authority personnel. It is ranged and can change 1 connected3 object into another object, this includes living beings. RPC-013-1 need a wooden stick to use any of their abilities, without it they lose most of their anomalous properties. This is most likely because the stick's absence affects their psychological state in a way that disables their abilities.

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