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Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Beta Orange Neutralized Gamma Red1

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Organic Hazard, Group Hazard, Invisibility Hazard, Mind Control Hazard


The following revisions have been drafted and approved by Lead Researcher Dr. █████ and are to be followed promptly, without deviations.

Containment Protocols: RPC-013 is to be contained within a steel-reinforced humanoid containment chamber, located on the 5th floor of Site-002. Specifically, RPC-013's containment cell is of a medical variety due to special care requirements, including an IV Pump for nutrition and the storage of the necessary medication. RPC-013 is to maintain a docile, rested state, restrained to its bed, and kept in a medically induced coma.

RPC-013 is to be allowed to be re-awakened on scheduled dates if given permission by head researcher Dr. █████, and must be accompanied by at least five staff members for any operations if necessary. Although RPC-013 has shown to be cooperative with staff, Dr. █████ has been assigned for most communications; this relates to the fact that Dr. █████ is the biological father of RPC-013.

When awake, RPC-013 is to be provided with easily consumable food such as pudding, gelatin, and other paste-type sustenance. Periods of sedation induced by a machine may vary between 2-4 months, as to halt RPC-013-1's activity. If RPC-013 were to develop any signs of sickness or injury, or in the occasion where a breach is predicted to happen, a mechanism has been incorporated into the door of the containment cell, which when activated, dispatches a team of 10-15 local ASF officers equipped with night vision goggles2 to the area.

During containment breaches, security personnel is instructed to use a paint spray with chemicals produced by NUCORP to counteract RPC-013-1's anomalous effects. The chemical is able to conjoin with the mucus produced by the anomaly to quickly dry itself, hardening in the process, making it harder for RPC-013-1 to maintain total invisibility.

Description: RPC-013 is an 8-year-old female of Norwegian descent. It has brown hair, blue eyes, measures 116cm in height, and weighs 21kg. RPC-013 normally behaves in an energetic and cheerful manner, but is highly antagonistic against Authority staff. It displays some behavioral symptoms associated with ADHD, with a clear diagnosis remaining to be written in the future. RPC-013-1 is a partially-physical and partially-visible3 entity that manifests upon attempts at interacting with RPC-013. Nicknamed "Jhon" by RPC-013, this entity is extremely hostile against individuals it perceives to be a threat against RPC-013. It also produces a slim shadow, however, it's theorized that most photons of light pass through its body. RPC-013-1 is only fully visible to RPC-013 and individuals under the age of 10.


RPC-013-1 apparition during the Incident-013-4

RPC-013-1 has been described by witness testimonies as:

  • Measuring approximately 4.5 m in height, as well as having a slender build with a white/grayish skin tone.
  • Having multiple scars in a diagonal pattern spread across its face.
  • Having two legs and four upper-body limbs, each ending in three-fingered hand-like appendages. Each upper-body appendage appears to end in "needle-esque" claws.
  • RPC-013-1's feet are bifurcated.
  • RPC-013-1 has a tail, it appears to ends in a sharp, spaded paddle.
  • RPC-013-1 wears a black zip-up cotton bodysuit and a brimless hat which appears to possess a pair of pointed ears with a wide grin sewed in.

It is necessary for RPC-013 to be awake in order for RPC-013-1 to operate. When RPC-013 is awake, RPC-013-1 can only operate in a radius of 15m. If RPC-013-1 leaves this distance for any longer than 2 minutes, the entity begins losing control over its motor functions, before becoming unconscious. At roughly 5 hours, RPC-013-1 will manifest next to RPC-013. Hypothesized to be through methods of spatial anomalies, although not proven.

As of Incident Report 013-04, RPC-013-1 has displayed the ability to make itself visible to specific individuals by will. One of the most efficient ways of tracking RPC-013-1's proximity to oneself is through sound. When walking, the entity has been described as creating a metallic noise produced by its footsteps. This appears to be consistent, even when RPC-013-1 is not walking over metal surfaces.

Whenever RPC-013 is agitated or feels threatened, RPC-013-1 will respond by attempting to attack any and all antagonistic individuals either through brute strength or use of its needle-like claws. If the entity is successful at either piercing the skin or one or more blood vessel(s) with said claws, it will inject an unknown sedative into the subject.4 Once its victim has been incapacitated, RPC-013-1 will attempt to mutilate the subject if given enough confrontation previously.

Despite its territorial and often homicidal behavior, RPC-013-1 has also been observed to actively choose not to kill, but paralyze an individual by:

  1. Using the sedative-like venom from its body or pressure points.
  2. Pinning its victim to a wall.

The use of tranquilizers on RPC-013 when close to triggering RPC-013-1, as well as other means of tracking all related phenomena, is currently being discussed. RPC-013 exhibits signs of sapience appearing to be capable of communicating with RPC-013, and understanding instructions with ease. While the RPC-013-1 reportedly recognized Dr. █████ on multiple occasions, it has been stated to have difficulty identifying most names and human faces outside of RPC-013 and Dr. █████.5

Recent discoveries were made on Addendum 2: Incident-013-4, such as the capability of RPC-013-1 to allow people over 10 years old to see specific parts of its body or even itself in totality. Furthermore, RPC-013-1 is capable of secreting a type of mucus from its pores, which it uses as a lubricant that allows for traversing through tight spaces. This mucus also appears to serve as a form of cleanser and RPC-013-1 has been observed utilizing the substance when attempting to wash itself.6 The grey mucus is visible and can be used to track RPC-013-1 current location. It is to be noted that RPC-013-1's eyes are capable of reflecting light in a similar manner to the tapetum lucidum found in many animals.7 RPC-013-1 was also found to be capable of producing a paralyzing substance from its tail.


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