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A scaled-down low quality screenshot of RPC-306-A.


Registered Phenomena Code: 306

Object Class: Omega - Black

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-climatological.png Climatological h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-gravitational.png Gravitational h-aquatic.png Aquatic h-ecological.png Ecological h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic

Containment Protocols: RPC-306 is currently uncontainable in any physical capacity. The Department of Communications has designated a collective of system administrators, network engineers and advanced technical staff to moderate and restrict public access to RPC-306. The method in which regaining access to RPC-306 is made has been documented under Procedure Governor-Uniform-306-A.

Co-operation with the limited liability company Google has been secured in an attempt to document and track the file's alterations and location within their cloud system under the premise of potential data leaks via use of infected hardware.

All usage of RPC-306 must be tracked. If any unverified users gain access to the document, the Department of Communications must track the user's physical location in addition to MST Hotel-4 "Unfound Allegations" deployment. Users must be captured or terminated - amnestics are ineffective at memory disposal of RPC-306. In addition, all invalid accounts must be locked out upon detection. Valid users must follow the username standard set in Document 306-Credentials.

After Incident 306-A, all personnel assigned to RPC-306 must have been hired prior to the date April 1, 19██ and must have no known contact with personnel logged in Compromised Personnel Dossier, located in Site-██, due to potential security concerns and recruitment issues. Head Supervisor role access modification is restricted without the approval of at least 2 GD-level personnel and their presence at the time. RPC-306 and RPC-306-A, currently contained at Site-███, cannot be contained within the same site to prevent joint attacks on both resources.

Authority: Lead Ops of Operation 2020; The Board of Directors
Current Focus: POI-306-1, alias 'little gary', real identity Unknown

Description: RPC-306 is an .ods spreadsheet file available on Google Docs, hosted in an unknown location of Google's Drive cloud storage system. It is presented within 314,███,███ different pages of content, all displayed in a simple table format. Pages may contain between 314 and ███,███,███,███ columns and/or rows, with no discernable concern for layout or user friendliness - no known naming convention is used to know each variable's purpose. RPC-306 has variables which appear to hold corrupt or untranslatable data. The Department of Communications has hypothesised over 300 million entries could potentially be dysfunctional or invalid in function, displaying multiple error codes during attempts to apply their functions. Efforts to discover potential links between the corrupt data and what they could be linked to are underway, but making minimal progress. Deletion or duplication of the spreadsheet as a whole is impossible as a page error will occur upon attempt, forcing a page refresh.

RPC-306-A appears to display an online and offline mode, where the file is respectively accessible and inaccessible. If inaccessible, the standard Google error page for a missing or deleted file will display. Access is often only available around the month of April, with the earliest known access being March 21st and the latest May 3rd.

RPC-306-A's effects are demonstrated when variables are edited within each page1. Upon updating with Google's servers an object, person, system or known law of the universe will alter correspondingly. Further changes to the known universe are possible but undocumented. Operative Nikolai, through deep-cover infiltration of POI-306-1's inner circle, was able to obtain a list of changes previously made by POI-306-1.

It is possible to manipulate and/or eliminate the laws of physics, invert universal temperatures and control a person's neurotransmitter levels. Further testing indicates it is possible to create entire species, orbital systems and potentially universes in addition to erasing them. The methods by which these changes are enacted are unknown. At a minimum, it has been predicted that █,███,267,309 unique events within humanity's history and █,███,756 individuals have been altered by abuse of RPC-306-A.

Deletion is impossible, even with Google's help. We've tried everything down to dumping the server blade it was contained in into acid. A year later, it's back like clockwork. Maybe it's some kind of safety feature - I mean, wiping out entire species with just a button is easy enough. What happens if you delete the whole thing? - Operative Nikolai

Operative Nikolai has been removed from Operation 2020 and has been adminsitered amnestics. DO NOT TRY TO DELETE RPC-306. What the hell was he thinking…? - Lead Operative Terrence

Nikolai confirmed KIA. See Incident Log for details. - GD-06

Addendum 306.4:
RPC-306 is believed to have some method by which amnestics fail to remove the memory of the anomaly. This may be linked to the method in which failure to delete it occurs. Due to this, all individuals aware of RPC-306 must be captured or eliminated.

Hazards: None

Containment Protocols: RPC-306-A is currently contained at Site-███ within a standardized storage locker for study purposes and to prevent interference from potential copycats of POI-306-1. Additionally, Operations 2020 personnel assigned to RPC-306-A will monitor RPC-306-A and prevent attempts to gain access to RPC-306-A at Site-███ should hostile forces attempt to breach RPC-306-A's containment.

Description: RPC-306-A is a collection of over 6,███,███,███,███ entries on a data table scribed in [REDACTED], believed to be the original incarnation of RPC-306 as a whole, originally scribed onto parchment. POI-306-1 is believed to be targeting RPC-306-A in an attempt to make additional instances of RPC-306, in lieu of duplicating the file. Current attempts to make similar modifications as RPC-306 is currently capable of have failed. Object classified as neutralized.

Discovery: During deep-cover infiltration of POI-306-1's inner circle, Operative Nikolai was informed of an operation regarding RPC-306-A and its recovery from a [REDACTED] library believed to have existed since the 18th century. Operative Nikolai relayed the information to the Authority, allowing them to track the operation and intefere in order to capture and contain RPC-306-A. Operative Nikolai's cover was not broken during this time.

Addendum 306.5:
RPC-306-A is believed to be targeted by POI-306-1. Further details in POI-306-1's description.

The work put into making these scrolls was immense. Gold inlays, trace amounts of blood in the ink… we believe that there's also human tissue used in the parchment too, and it looks like there's some kind of pattern placed into the fabric. Disassembly of the scrolls requested in an attempt to search for potential anomalous edits made to the scroll. - Operative ████

Denied. We need the scrolls translated. Destruction of the scrolls just to see if something's on the back doesn't make sense. Besides, it's not confirmed these things are non-anomalous. They're the base for this whole thing, somehow. - Lead Ops Amanda

Addendum 306.1:
In spite of directives listed in Document 306-Operational_Directives, Operative Nikolai established communications with POI-306-1 and interviewed the target for █ minutes.

Addendum 306.7:
Potential operatives compromised indicated in following file.

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