It's Raining Inside

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Registered Phenomena Code: 356

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Teleportation Hazard/Extra-Terrestrial Hazard (?), Destabilization Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Aquatic Hazard



Containment Protocols: ASF patrol teams consisting of five men each will be stationed around RPC-356 24 hours a day. The patrol teams are to keep unauthorized personnel away from entering within a 500m radius of the subject and are allowed to use force if necessary. ACI will continuously monitor the surroundings for potential Nihil group activities and prepare for the possible attacks by aggressive groups.

RPC-356-1 is stored in stainless-steel containers no smaller than 200m3. These containers, which will be placed in advance near the containment location, should be examined and maintained twice a quarter. Once a container is almost full, it should be transported and stored in Site-CN-006. The containers with RPC-356-1, whether it's full or not, should be transported and stored in Site-CN-006 immediately after "It's Raining Inside" events.

CSD personnel infected by RPC-356-1 should be administered amnestics and sent to Site-066 for further re-evaluation and training. Other infected personnel will be reassigned to the Research Division Unit-119. Since March 2021, due to the limited budget of the Research Division, RDU119 will not longer accept further infected personnel. Currently, ASIACOM is in discussion for an alternative place for the relocation of infected personnel.

Description: RPC-356 is a small-sized wooden hut, occupying an area of 10m2 externally, located in Ngawa, Sichuan. RPC-356's surface is charred black. The subject was still sturdy after the lastest earthquake due to it's anti-seismic structure. The front door of RPC-356 measures 1.8m in height from which the internal structure is not observable. Contact with personnel will be lost immediately upon passing through the door. CSDs reported that even though they could not visibly see the interior structure while passing through the doorway, by relying on their touch senses, they were able to detect a rough-surfaced columnar object situated approximately 40m away. The space beyond the door is thus determined to be larger than the exterior of RPC-356.

At least one "It's Raining Inside" event occurs twice a year; during which the surroundings of RPC-356 will experience Coherency disturbances of ACS ranging between 3.8~2.2. Personnel who remain with RPC-356 will begin to feel significant humidity. After a brief period (about 12 hours in general), large amounts of liquid of unknown composition (designated as RPC-356-1) will manifest and drop from the upper part of RPC-356. RPC-356-1 is observed to be colourless outside of RPC-356. The event will subsequently continue for another 2~3.5 days in general.

RPC-356-1 will spill out from the aforementioned door structure due to normal liquid piling. Fogs will will start developing around RPC-356 during the event, reducing visibility to less than a quarter metre. This fog is currently believed to be composed of RPC-356-1 droplets. Each "It's Raining Inside" event will produce 20m3 to 980m3 amount of RPC-356-1.

Personnel exposed to RPC-356-1 unprotected will become obsessed with entities or events related to the Children of Nihil. In the pre-infective stage, personnel typically will not become aware of the infection by themselves. Although many of the beliefs are difficult to classify, worships related to Exiled Sun are most common among infected personnel (above 93%) among them, while a very few individuals have beliefs similar to Orrery of Ages and Void Unending. Amnestics are not effective against infected personnel. It is agreed that the infection itself is not memetic in nature.

Personnel may experience the following conditions in the pre-infection stage:

  • Reduced efficiency in work related to Nihil entities;
  • Refusal to approach RPC-356;
  • Increased occurrence of going into trances.

In the late stages of infection, these behaviours will become violent, with some instances of personnel defecting to join nearby Nihil groups.

Discovery: In early 2009, the Authority cooperated with the South Sea Enlightenment Movement to conduct a raid on numerous small Nihil-Adjacent organizations in mountainous regions of southwest China. The operation was successfully executed, capturing a few Nihil personals.

The interrogation of prisoners began in March. The individuals provided the approximate location of RPC-356. MST-Sinchou-01 "Seeking in the Woods" was sent to search the area, and eventually found it on a hillside nearby █████████ town.


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