How to Catch an Info-Demon

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The following documents have been DECLASSIFIED, available to select personnel

Operation Guide

This file exists to quickly reinform personnel of operational details in case of a memory-erasure event.

The Authority Black Site Division is responsible for performing all operations that the Global Directors must not have direct or complete oversight of, for their own safety. The Memotics Department of this division is responsible for the handling of all cases involving high-threat, memory-affecting agents. Careful procedure is followed to ensure that there is minimal risk of operation failure.

  1. Personnel must note down (in writing or audio log) all necessary information regarding the case as the case progresses. Personnel must be able to use these notes to regain all information needed to reinstate the operation and perform any necessary action following a memory loss event.
  2. Personnel must not work in segments greater than 2 hours without routine use of memory suppression injections. These injections serve to prevent short-term memory from becoming long-term before being suppressed. This is the most effective method found to counter phenomena with the ability to abstract, consume, or obfuscate memories. It has been found that the vast majority of memotic phenomena do not affect recently created memories or memories that the target does not have conscious access to.

As of writing, the exact properties of the memotic feeder are unknown. The entity must be studied without alerting it of our existence; the entity may attempt to disrupt the operation if it believes we are a threat.

Several documents were commissioned or received from NuCorp Industries regarding the RPC-131 project. They are available below.

See below for documents following the Labrador Incident

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