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Fig 1.0: One of RPC-131's constructs, found within a forest in Greenland.


Registered Phenomena Code: 131

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Newtonian Hazard, Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols: A perimeter fence has been established around the area of Greenland within which RPC-131 resides. Anomalous entities and/or constructs created by RPC-131 that are visible from satellites are to be digitally removed if identified. As diplomatic efforts between the Authority and RPC-131 are currently ongoing, a rudimentary "ceasefire" has been enacted along the perimeter of RPC-131's containment. No anomalous entities or constructs have left the containment area since the diplomatic efforts began, and as such, the efforts are to be artificially prolonged and labeled as a semi-effective containment method.

The country of Denmark has been alerted to RPC-131's presence; although simply told it is a "virulent effect of climate change". If RPC-131 ever becomes truly hostile to Authority or other personnel, Denmark and the UNAAC are to be alerted to the full threat of RPC-131. Children of Nihil members/affiliates discovered in Greenland are to be apprehended and interrogated immediately.

Description: RPC-131 denotes an anomalous entity capable of creating other anomalies, through an unknown manner involving cold temperatures. RPC-131 has never been recorded alone, and has only been observed while accompanied several of its anomalous creations1, usually within a structure it has constructed. Physically, RPC-131 appears to be a partially non-anomalous humanoid male, with the exception of a semi-mechanical extrusion from its torso. This mechanical extrusion has, on occasion, produced a multitude of biomechanical limbs not dissimilar to those of arachnids. These have been used as simple dextrous instruments by RPC-131, though could no doubt be used as defensive weapons should the occasion arise. RPC-131's apparent preference for long and flowing robe-like clothing has made direct observation of the rest of the entity's bodily structure or anatomy difficult. The entity is believed to be capable of partially altering its own facial features at will, as it currently bears a striking resemblance to the deceased British singer-songwriter David Bowie. RPC-131 has shown great admiration for Bowie during an interview, assumedly causing this choice in appearance.

All constructs and entities created by RPC-131 share common defining traits, the most notable of which being a uniform red coloration. All constructs, such as buildings, are seemingly constructed from sheets of ice, structurally similar to glacial ice, though demonstrates an anomalously high melting point. Though only one of these buildings has been explored (see addenda), its exterior architecture is notably similar to the works of Antoni Gaudí, a Catalan architect. This, combined with RPC-131's physical appearance, has lead some researchers to believe RPC-131 is simply 'imitating' talented artists which it has discovered. How RPC-131 discovered either of these men is currently unknown.

RPC-131 oasserts that it is the ruler of its own independent micro-nation, and is willing to negotiate with other state actors to a degree. Prior to communication with Authority personnel, there had been recorded instances2 of entities under the control of RPC-131 operating alongside two specific groups of interest: the Children of Nihil, and an American naval vessel under technical authority of the UNAAC. An investigation effort was launched in mid-2002 as to what RPC-131's involvement with the Americans (and subsequently the UNAAC) actually was, which resulted in an interview with Thomas Ridge, acting Secretary of Homeland Security at the time.

Few anomalous entities created by RPC-131 possess sapience, and most function as semi-independent workers or maintenance units charged with the construction and repair of RPC-131 constructs. Many, if not the majority of these entities, reside within a confined group of anomalous structures not visually dissimilar to a city; though this assumption has not yet been validated. Of these structures, the most notable of which is a large spire-like construct wherein RPC-131 resides. To view a comprehensive list of the numerous anomalous species created by RPC-131, see the following attachment(s).



Following the truce and subsequent containment of RPC-131, a diplomatic effort has been ongoing between it and project lead Dr. Harrison. Harrison was intitially charged with establishing cordial and friendly relations with RPC-131, an effort which has proven successful. This personal interaction is generally attributed as one of the main reasons RPC-131 has been so cooperative in containment efforts. Following initial contact with RPC-131 by the Authority, the entity constructed a large platform suitable for use as a helicopter landing pad on one of its ice constructs. Though this has made physical interviews much easier, the reasoning behind the creation of this structure has been withheld, leading some researchers to believe RPC-131 may have other motives to its diplomacy. The logs of prior diplomatic sessions may be found below, though accessible only to those with Level 3 clearance.

Addendum: Dr. Harrison later returned for a third interview, wherein their goal was to further document the structure that RPC-131 resides within. This interview, the most recent interaction with RPC-131, may be found attached below.

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