Death Is Late To The Party: Jimmy and Dummie's Autumn Entry

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Registered Phenomena Code: 131

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Biological Hazard

Containment Protocols: As of 11/11/1959, no containment of RPC-131 is necessary. Authority personnel are to monitor for further manifestations of RPC-131.

Description: RPC-131 is the designation given to 925 persons recovered within the vicinity of Lublin, Poland. Despite no fewer than 5 years of interment as well as sustaining various levels of wounds and injuries such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel wounds and second-degree burns, all RPC-131 instances have not expired.

The majority of RPC-131 instances were dressed in remnants of military uniforms of the WWII era, specifically that from either the German 27th Infantry Division or the 14th Greater Poland Infantry Division with slight variations. However, several RPC-131 instances were dressed in uniform similar to that of MST Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) during the 1940s. RPC-131 instances were predominantly male, and certain instances were capable of comprehending German of Polish.

Extensive research conducted upon RPC-131 has proved that RPC-131 instances were all non-anomalous human beings. Further research into RPC-131 yields limited results, as RPC-131 instances were unable to provide any meaningful information or communication to Authority personnel due to either sustained injuries or mental disorders from extended isolation. Authority attempts at the neutralization of RPC-131 instances have resulted in failure.

Authority efforts into reverse-engineering the apparent immortality of RPC-131 have also concluded in failure, as a result of RPC-131's inability to communicate and many instances of RPC-131 suffering from several degrees of organ failure. As a result, all RPC-131 instances have been tranquilized and subsequently incinerated on 27/10/1959.

Discovery: RPC-131 was discovered on 18/10/1948, when a signal on all emergency radio channels was received by the Authority. The signal was discovered to have originated near Lublin, Poland, and MST Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) was deployed to investigate. RPC-131 was discovered in the process, and was sent to Site-008 for further investigation.

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