Keballic Coal Generator #12 By: Almarduk and Google_Chrome

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Registered Phenomena Code: 131

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Animated, Sentient, Ballistic, Mechanical, Extra-dimensional, Replicating, Thaumaturgic/Keballic1

Containment Protocols: A 50m exclusion zone, marked by a barbed-wire fence, has been set up around RPC-131. Six Thaumaturgic/Keballic flux monitors are to be placed outside of this exclusion zone for the purpose of gathering information on the effects of RPC-131. ASF personnel are to deter civilians from entering the 500m exclusion zone by any means they deem necessary, including termination. All personnel are prohibited from entering this exclusion zone under any circumstance.

Civilians that successfully enter the exclusion zone are not to be terminated, and no further efforts to deter them from approaching RPC-131 are to be taken. However, if the civilian exits the exclusion zone, they are to be detained for questioning. Additionally, ASF personnel are to terminate any living entities that they spot within the exclusion zone unless they have been informed of its entrance into the exclusion zone.

Currently, MST Yankee-19 ("Anti-Magic") has been assigned to RPC-131 for the purpose of combating any RPC-131-2 instances when they manifest. Additionally, Yankee-19 is to maintain the Thaumaturgic/Keballic flux monitor of RPC-131.

Additionally, Authority assets have been assigned to prevent any foreign power discovering the PCAAO's involvement in the creation of RPC-131.

Description: RPC-131 is the designation of a large industrial building that greatly resembles a coal power plant. RPC-131 is located within the African country of Chad, approximately 53km from the town of [Data Redacted]. RPC-131 itself is an industrial power plant that was created by the PCAAO, for the purpose of providing cheap electricity to the citizens of Chad.

RPC-131 was designed to use an easily produced design of a type of Thaumaturgic/Keballic enhanced coal burner developed by the PCAAO. RPC-131 was first activated during a 5 year long extended test period. During this test period, RPC-131's capabilities and safety measures would be extensively tested. But at some point during this testing period, RPC-131 went critical, resulting in RPC-131 developing its anomalous properties.

RPC-131's main anomalous property is its effects on the laws of Thaumaturgy/Keballics within a 30m radius of itself. Within this radius, the laws of Thaumaturgy/Keballics are designated as RPC-131-1. RPC-131-1 are extremely different from the standard laws of Thaumaturgy/Keballics. Like the standard laws of Thaumaturgy/Keballics, RPC-131-1 occasionally changes how certain aspects of it interact with other aspects. However, the extent and frequency of these changes is significantly greater than that of the standard laws of Thaumaturgy/Keballics.

RPC-131-1 causes coal molecules to take up anomalous properties. Coal in the effect of RPC-131-1 will grow in a pointed structure that always faces away from RPC-131. Additionally, coal will demonstrate various properties that are exclusive to organisms, such as reproduction and the creation of waste. However, these effects will not continue of the sample is removed from the radius of RPC-131-1.

Upon the initial discovery of RPC-131, MST Quebec-10 ("Chaos Storm") was tasked with exploring the interior of RPC-131. However, the team failed to return from RPC-131 and were presumed to be lost. Following the loss of Quebec 10, RPC-131-2 began appearing near RPC-131.

RPC-131-2 is the designation of a group of twelve humanoid anomalies which will occasionally manifest within the area of RPC-131-1. RPC-131-2 instances are entirely composed of a seemingly random combination of various coal molecules. RPC-131-2 instances are seen with the attire and equipment formally used by Quebec-10 which include the following:

  • AK-47 Assault Rifles
  • Standard AK-47 bayonet
  • Standard Authority Kevlar body armor and helmet

Whenever an instance of RPC-131-2 manifests, all of its equipment will grow a random assortment of Thaumaturgic/Keballic runes along its surface. This results in RPC-131-2 instances having various abnormal abilities. Some examples of these abilities include ones that affect RPC-131-2 instances combat ability. Additionally, RPC-131-2 instances have, on a few select occasions, been immediately destroyed by these randomly generated runes upon manifestation.

RPC-131-2 are extremely aggressive towards all human and animal life but ignore plant life. RPC-131-2 instances demonstrate simplistic behavior, lacking the ability to communicate with other RPC-131-2 instances. And as such, completely lack the ability to use complex strategy in combat scenarios.

RPC-131-2 instances do not react to bodily harm, ignoring any injuries that might be acquired. However, RPC-131-2 instances can still be terminated in a manner similar to a standard human subject. Additionally, when and RPC-131-2 instance is not under the effect of RPC-131-1, it will be rendered inert.

Addendum: Official PCAAO response


PCAAO Official Response:

Keballic Coal Generator #12 Metldown

While this incident is a tragedy, we must understand what we have learned. Other than this meltdown, the Keballic enhanced coal generators have exceeded expectations. The most likely cause is believed to be purposeful sabotage, however, the group responsible remains unknown2. We urge the Authority to deny PCAAO involvement with this incident.

Hopefully, you will see the greater good in this situation.

Note from GD-04

The PCAAO deserves to be put on trial for this project of theirs. While Keballics and Thaumaturgy are the most understood fields of the anomalous, there is still far too much we don't know. Hopefully, RPC-131 will, if nothing else, serve as a reminder as to why the Authority doesn't extensively use Keballics or Thaumaturgy.

However, the reason we are covering up their involvement is because consequences of refusing. Currently, China is the world's fastest-growing economy, and we cannot risk alienating them. Because if we do so we risk losing our position as the world's dominant anomalous agency. That is an unacceptable gamble.

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