The Maid virus

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Registered Phenomena Code: 004

Object Class: Beta-Purple1

Hazards: h-biohazard.pngh-replicating.pngh-grouped.pngh-organic.pngh-ontological.pngh-sapient.png

One of 37 water damaged drawings found during recovery. Presents the closest depiction out of all recovered drawings of 004-1 instances.

Containment Protocols: The 8 49 1612 162 instances of RPC-004-1 are to be split in groups of maximum 10 members. Each group will be stored in its own 5m x 5m x 3m quarantine containment unit lined with lead and equipped with a number of scrambled Rubik's Cubes appropriate to resident 004-1 instances, two way looking reinforced glass and lamps that mimic the sun's wavelength spectrum. (Currently all RPC-004-1 instances are contained at Site-062)

An instance of RPC-004-2 is to assign the solving of the unit's Rubik's cubes to RPC-004-1 instances. 004-2 instances are to verify their behavior at least every 6 hours. Multiple 004-2 are to work in day an night shifts. Solved Rubik's Cubes are to be thoroughly scrambled before being put back in containment and a 004-2 instance reassigning the task of solving the cube. Once every week, 2 male personnel in Class-4 Bio-Hazard Hazmat Suits must check the unit's structural integrity and sterilize it. If signs of a breach is found, a 004-2 is to order the RPC-004-1 instances to move to a temporary Containment Unit while using disinfectant on themselves and everything [the instances] touch while the maintenance crew repair the containment unit.

If behavior not matching any in the Behavioral Analysis Document-004 (Unattached) is observed then offending instances are to be isolated and the cause of the behavior to be found.

As of Protocol-17, infected individuals that do not qualify for 004-2 instances (including female individuals) are to be quarantined and administered testosterone, steroids and anti-viral medication on a 24/7 drip.

Description: RPC-004 is a viral pathogen similar in structure and behavior to "Zaire Ebolavirus" that targets only humans has no other known natural carriers.

Once RPC-004 infects a human it will take 3 different evolution paths based on the host's characteristics:

Host is Male, ratio of muscle to body mass <50%:
Day 1 since exposure: No symptoms.
Day 2 since exposure: Subject suffers of a high fever.
Day 3 since exposure: Subjects suffers severe head aches and abdominal pain.
Day 4 since exposure: Carcinogenic phase. RPC-004 can cause upward of 50 individual cancers throughout the body per day from here on out. Believed to be causes by the virus trying to create a RPC-004-1 instance.
Day 5 since exposure: Subjects begins to suffer from seizures.
Day 7 since exposure: Typical point of expiration from varying causes.

Mortality rate is 78%. Subject remains contagious at least 3 hours after death.

Female humans in the final stages of RPC-004 infection are classified RPC-004-1. 004-1 instances appear to be wearing a stylized maid's outfit. The "outfit" is in fact malformations of the subject's dermis, the black leather being hardened sections of the epiderms, while material that makes up the dress and the red bow (present around all 004-1 instances' necks) is made out of living cells with chitinous cell walls which are supplied with blood but are not part of the neural system. 004-1 instances feel no pain when these parts are damaged, cut or otherwise removed. These are henceforth referred to as "frills" due to their resemblance.

004-1 blood does not clot. Instead the frills when suffering oxygen deprivation will use all available resources to produce various enzymes that accelerate the healing factor in humans. 004-1 instances will often fashion makeshift bandages out of them (unless instances are attacking a female human, in which case 004-1s will attempt to smear the target with blood). Frills regrow 1 cm each day.

All instances are genetically, structurally and psychologically identical4 with measurements of 165 centimeters in height, weight of 52 kilograms and white "hair" (which are in fact of similar composition to the frills) that maintains a constant length of 20 centimeters. Instances require no sustenance5, sleep and can perfectly operate in low light conditions. 004-1 don't display emotion, unless ordered to by a 004-2 and as a result, will have a constantly blank expression.

RPC-004-1s will follow orders from any human male that has a muscle to body mass ratio higher than 50%67 to the best of their ability. When not ordered individually, 004-1 instances will attempt to establish a "dominant" instance that is presumed to coordinate and assign tasks to the other -1 instances (this position is contested by the subservient 004-1s once every week). RPC-004-1 are believed to have the necessary intelligence to communicate (aprox. IQ of 100) but they will not communicate unless ordered to spead8, despite the fact they communicate with each other trough unknown means (004-1 instances are capable of communicating with limited range even trough walls. The "signals" instances send is blocked by 1 cm of lead).

Left to their own devices 004-1s will wander aimlessly, however a dominant instance gains increased initiative to breach containment the more 004-1 instances it can communicate with (trough normal atmospheric conditions this equates roughly to 1 km radius. It does need to dominate all instances it can communicate with). Dominant instances also become more likely to attempt a breach the more times passes since the last task completed (this process is exacerbated in the absence of sunlight).

The reproductive system of 004-1 instances is perfectly functional. Infant girls are genetically identical to their mothers (and are therefor 004-1 instances). Infant boys are classified -3 (see Test Logs Primary File).

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