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RPC-004, manifested within media file 004_512_1.png.

Registered Phenomena Code: 004

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Sentient Hazard,

Containment Protocols: The storage device containing RPC-004 is currently stored within Site-016.

Unanimous approval from the Head Researcher (currently Dr. Abastado) and Site Director Marshalssön is required for the replication of RPC-004 onto another storage device for testing. Once testing is concluded, the device, all terminals containing RPC-004, and all of the terminal's peripheral components are to be destroyed.

Online media is to be monitored by Authority webcrawlers for any mention of entities resembling RPC-004-1. In the event that the involvement of RPC-004-1 is confirmed, Authority personnel are to remove the affected media from the internet and, if possible, replace the affected media with the original media.

Description: RPC-004 is an application titled newanimation.exe, capable of modifying certain types of media and text files. RPC-004 is compatable with all versions of Microsoft Windows, and may affect png, jpg, mp3, mp4, doc, docx, txt, as well as 109 other media and text files. (Contact Head Researcher Abastado for a full list of file types susceptible to modification by RPC-004.)

RPC-004 accomplishes this by manifesting an entity, hereby designated as RPC-004-1, within the aforementioned media whenever RPC-004 is executed. RPC-004-1 has proven hostile to all characters within any contained media.

While early modified versions of affected files do not possess significant alternations from original files, RPC-004 usually results in the mutilation and/or termination of characters within the original media. This process is usually completed within eight (8) executions of RPC-004. See Addendum 004.1 for more details.

Depictions of RPC-004-1 within affected imagery or when described indicate RPC-004-1 to resemble a African-American male approximately 40 years of age clothed in blue overalls. RPC-004-1 is also often equipped with a flashlight mounted on a hard hat, an unknown wrist-mounted computer, and orange-tinted welding goggles.

It is currently the hypothesis of Head Researcher Abastado that varying layers of fictional narrative are capable of being affected by RPC-004, i.e. a narrative containing RPC-004 may contain metanarratives capable of being affected by RPC-004. While the exact mechanisms for which such capabilities are enacted by RPC-004 and RPC-004-1 are unknown, at least one narrative have been shown to display a variation of RPC-004.

Discovery: RPC-004-1 was discovered on 08/07/2018 on the website ██████.com, where excessive gore on certain media files were reported. Investigations eventually led to the discovery of RPC-004-1. A mass deletion of RPC-004-1 affected media was subsequently commenced.

PoI-4206 was apprehended on 03/02/2019 in Hong Kong by Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) for possession of RPC-004 after excessive amounts of static noise originating from the apartment of PoI-4206 was reported by neighbors of PoI-4206, with RPC-004 discovered to be running at the time. PoI-4206 was sent to Site-038 for questioning and subsequently detained at Site-009.

As neither new instances of media affected by RPC-004-1 nor other copies of RPC-004 have been discovered since 03/02/2019, PoI-4206 is believed to be the creator of RPC-004. As of today, the origins of RPC-004 have not been provided by PoI-4206.

Addendum 004.1:

This Addendum contains media affected by RPC-004, either through Authority testing or external usage of RPC-004.

Addendum 004.2

At the time of apprehension for PoI-4206, the computer terminal for PoI-4206 was running DaVinci Resolve 152. The media file under the modification of DaVinci Resolve 15 contained the decapitated head of RPC-004-1 and an unknown humaniod entity.

The following file contains the media file for which the terminal of PoI-4206 was in the process of modifying. For the purposes of security, the media file displayed was indirectly captured on Agent Stringer's body camera.

I don't want to risk putting RPC-004-1 into an actual media file and killing our servers so for now, enjoy this video in a video.
-Dr. Abastado, 06/02/19

Addendum 004.3

A text message was sent by Head Researcher Abastado to Dr. Stannum Yeung before her death on 07/05/19.

Subsequent investigations show that PoI-4206 was within Site-009 at the time of Head Researcher Abastado's death.

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