The Engineer and the AEDFS Lupin

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Recorded loop of RPC-004 from the AEDF Observer satellite.

Registered Phenomena Code: 004

Object Class: Theta-Black

Hazard Types: Proto-Mechanical, Proto-Physical, Proto-Sapient, Extra-terrestrial, Gravitational, Divine, Informational, Ideological

Containment Protocols: All space and land based telescopes capable of visually identifying RPC-004 are to be placed under Authority control by any means. Any and all investigation into the space in which RPC-004 occupies by these telescopes is forbidden.

Additionally, the AEDF Observer satellite has been placed into orbit of RPC-004 and is to relay an uninterrupted video feed of RPC-004's surface at all times. Personnel with advanced cognitive hazard resistance training are to observe this footage for review, and document their findings.

In order to ensure RPC-004's continued functionality, efforts to neutralize all GOI-008 ("Children of Nihil") groups that do not worship The Engineer are to be undertaken whenever a new group is discovered. Additionally, the neutralization of GOI-008 groups that worship the Engineer is prohibited outside of emergency circumstances.

Description: RPC-004 is the designation of an object currently 18 AU from the edge of Neptune's orbital path in the solar system. RPC-004 is composed of sixteen (16) gears that range in diameter from 420,000-870,000km. These gears are made out of complex lattices of smaller gears, cogs, driveshafts and other mechanical parts. The Anderson Coherency1 around RPC-004 increases as one approaches its center, with an ACS value of 4.97 on its outer sections and a theorized ASC value of 6 at its center. If this is true, then that would mean that RPC-004 breaks the Law of Conservation of Chaos.

No effects on gravitation are exerted by RPC-004 despite the immense size of RPC-004. However, when an object gets within 3 AU of RPC-004 it will begin to experience the gravitational effects of RPC-004. This has allowed Authority astrologists to determine that RPC-004 has a mass that is notably greater than that of the sun, but exact measurements have proven impossible.

RPC-004-1 is the designation of an entity that occasionally appears in the dreams of individuals aware of RPC-004. RPC-004-1 is a robotic entity that is 1.67 meters tall, with a shape similar to that of a human female. While in dreams, RPC-004-1 has the ability to freely manipulate the environment without the restrictions of reality. In addition to this, individuals that have had dreams with RPC-004-1 in them report that the dreams feel "more real than [their] other dreams" the exact reason for this is unknown.

Subjects that make visual contact with RPC-004-1 will undergo a massive change in their ideologies and beliefs over an indeterminate amount of time. After this time the subject view RPC-004-1 as their god, and begin to worship and pray to it. If the subject was previously religious, they will carry out their previous religious actions/ceremonies in the name of RPC-004-1. Over time subjects will become heavily interested in cybernetics; often viewing cybernetics as a higher form of worship.

RPC-004 is the home of a race of robotic entities, designated as RPC-004-2. RPC-004-2 are robotic entities with varing amounts of limbs ranging from 4-24. RPC-004-2 society is built around the maintenance of RPC-004, which they refer to as "The Sixteen Gears" or simply as "The Machine". RPC-004-2 worship RPC-004-1, which they refer to as "The Engineer of the Machine" or as "Machina the bringer of order", as their god.

Examination of GOI-008 religious texts has lead Authority researchers to the conclusion that RPC-004-1 is the Engineer2. Additional examination has allowed researchers to conclude that RPC-004 is the machine created by the engineer to establish the laws of reality and banish the 9 suns.

Addendum.1: Discovery

RPC-004 was first detected by an AEDF observation satellite that was dispatched to detect anomalous occurrences near the edge of the solar system. The following is a transcript of the transmission sent by the satellite to the AEDFS Lupin, which was in Neptune's orbit at the time.

Following this transmission, the AEDFS Lupin moved to the satellites last recorded location and made visual contact with the gravitational abnormality.

Addendum.2: Recovered files from the AEDFS Lupin

Addendum.3: Administrative Clearance Required.

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