Compromise Authority




Operation Red Riding Hood

Date: January 30th, 2019

Objective: Rescue children taken in by affiliates of Kabushiki Kawaii and detain any persons found within the two story structure.

MST: Alpha-3 "Scavengers", X-Ray 6 "Annulifiers", Oscar-5 "Web Nerds"

Team Members: SPC. Randall Briar, SSGT. C. Royce, MSG Ethan Southern, SPC. Morgan Vickers, SPC. Louis Kardowski, MST X-Ray Six Agent Michelle Harlow, and MST X-Ray Six Agent Mark Diaz.

Forenote: On January 22nd, 2019 X-Ray Six Agent Diaz received multiple tips from a source at the Fox 10 news station of child trafficking operations, with many photos revealing the removal of human ears and the surgical grafting of what appeared to be cat whiskers and cat ears on children as young as six. Diaz would pass these photos on to forensic technicians at Site-015 who, using facial recognition technology, would learn that many of these children had gone missing in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Many of the children had been recovered at homicide scenes in the Coconino National Forest and had also been found by tribal authorities in the Sonoran desert.

Upon Diaz's attempt to get a statement from the Gila County Sheriffs' Office and Payson PD via his occupation as a reporter, both departments referred Diaz to their public relations officer who would decline to comment on the tips.

Later that same day, Diaz noted that multiple vehicles were staking out his home in North Phoenix. Notating the license plates of the vehicles parked outside his property and observing signs of surveillance, Diaz would contact his sources within the Phoenix Police Department who would notify him that the vehicles all belonged to off duty Payson Police Department officers and off duty Gila County Sheriff's deputies.

Diaz would contact Phoenix PD who would apprehend the officers and hold them for questioning. After 48 hours, the officers and deputies would be released and were allegedly reprimanded by their superiors for unofficial surveillance of Diaz's home. With surveillance outside of Diaz's home discontinued, permission would be granted for him to gather intelligence within the Payson, Arizona area.

On January 24th, radio chatter from the Payson Police scanner instructed officers to disengage from a pursuit involving a kidnapped child due to the suspect's high rate of speed and the chance of a collision injuring or killing bystanders. Diaz would note the make, model, and plate of a Toyota Rav4 using police scanner descriptions. He would later learn that the plate had been stolen and swapped. Noting the plate swap, Diaz would search the nearby neighborhoods for the vehicle's make and model.

Finding no similar vehicle in the area, Diaz proceeded back to an Authority safehouse.

On the 26th of January and acting as a private investigator, Diaz would learn of the stolen plate's owner who claimed it had been stolen while they had been grocery shopping at a supermarket in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contacting Authority sources in the area, Diaz had been given the surveillance footage of the individual who conducted the plate swap and their vehicle, a four-door gray 2008 Ford Escape.

He would also learn of an elementary school girl, Emily North, age seven, who had disappeared shortly after. Using police and media connections in surrounding states, Diaz would learn of the disappearances of 25 children between the ages of seven and 12 over the span of six months.

With help of the ACI and State police connections, he would learn of the lone pursuing officer's name. Contacting him on his personal phone, Diaz arranged a meeting with him and would learn of the suspect's description, a Caucasian male, brown eyes, 6"2, with long hair.

On the 27th of January, a frantic 911 call would be received by a Gila County 911 operator. In it, the caller described being ambushed by an individual wearing "forest camo". The caller described a firefight between themselves and an individual who fled after the father and son duo returned fire. In the ensuing escape, the vehicle had received visible bullet holes.

Using this opportunity to narrow his search, Diaz would drive around Payson in search of a gray Ford Escape with bullet holes and the provided physical description. A BOLO1 by Payson PD and the Gila County Sheriff's Office was put out but was then subsequently removed from police computers.

Upon finding the vehicle and an owner matching the description, Diaz would park at a safe distance and conduct surveillance while informing Authority assets in Phoenix of his current whereabouts. He would observe a group of females bring the vehicle into a garage. Beginning surveillance, Agent Diaz would keep the home under observation until relieved by Agent Harlow several hours later.

Harlow would observe multiple individuals leaving and exiting the home. She would note at least seven people living in the home, and during one observation noted the amount of Japanese anime-themed posters on the wall when their black out curtain from a bedroom window fell over. However, despite her best efforts, she could not observe any sign of children on the property.


Surveillance photograph taken by Agent Diaz at 1323 MST.

Meanwhile, through estate records Diaz would pull up the owner of the property, William "Bill" Doughrety. Searching through his social media, he would find that Doughrety was a member of multiple anime and firearm communities, and had garnered ties to many of them, being put into an administrative position with many of these groups. In one picture of Doughrety stands with a group of anime crossdressers in suggestive poses titled "Me and the boys standing up to the roastie menace and being based."

Further investigation into this community by MST Oscar-5 would find Doughrety and those in his circle to be frequent posters on the internet messaging board 4chan, in the /r9k/ section, where they would often write about their feelings about women describing many as "roasties". Oscar-5 would note that many of their outgoing messages from this home would be transmitted via the encrypted Signal messaging app. The team would learn of the names and identities of the occupants inside of the home. They would learn that many of the occupants of the home shared many of the same ideals as Doughrety and that many of them were prior military with previous combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

A leaked message from an unencrypted app revealed a video of a nine year old child being force fed HRT2 pills. Further decryption of the home's ISP and networked devices revealed multiple murders in the home, with some children being operated on while awake and lucid, having animal ears grafted onto their skulls while another video revealed an escape attempt where Doughrety, dressed in an anime maid dress, strangled one of the children in front of the others to use them as an example for others considering escape.

Upon acquiring this video, Authority Central Intelligence leadership with the help of US government assets agreed to sanction a raid on the home on the condition that a fictitious joint task force be given credit for the raid. With the raid greenlit, SPC. Randall Briar, SSGT. Calvin Royce, MSG Ethan Southern, SPC. Morgan Vickers, and SPC. Louis Kardowski on short notice volunteered to be placed into Alpha-3 due to the potential for more kidnappings and the potential for use of anomalous technology.


Closing Statement: Doughrety's father would be arrested by the FBI and US Marshal Service who found child pornography on his personal computer. The adhoc Alpha-03 unit was immediately disbanded following this incident and all members were reprimanded and written up for excessive use of force against potentially useful Persons of interest. All members of this unit were given a month of administrative leave with mental health pay except for Kardowski who was hospitalized for three months before becoming an instructor due to his debilitating injury.

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