Codename: King of Weapons

King of Weapons





Justiniano Roque Valencia

Codename: King of Weapons


Date of Birth: February 23, 1965 Hair: Black
Height: 6’0 Place of Birth: ███████ (See Foreign Organization Files)
Weight: 210 pounds Eyes: Brown
Language: Spanish/English Sex: Male
Nationality: Mexican Race: Hispanic

Remarks: Valencia is currently a member of the Raven Mafia and is known to frequent areas where Raven Mafia activity is suspected.


Justiniano Roque Valencia

Previous Affiliations/Info: Valencia, prior to his affiliation with the Raven Mafia, was apart of the organization known as Destacamento Contranatural. He is confirmed to have aided multiple anomalous persons and objects with presumed connections to the Raven Mafia. When Valencia's actions were discovered by Destacamento Contranatural, he was promptly apprehended and held in a facility located in Mexico. Valencia stayed at the facility for 2 months until an armed group of anomalous persons from the Raven Mafia infiltrated the facility and broke Valencia out of his confinement. The group of escaped with Valencia and six other anomalous persons and objects contained at the facility; leaving seventeen (17) casualties behind. Destacamento Contranatural were able to pursue the group until the group crossed the US border.

Destacamento Contranatural contacted the OESA directly and information regarding Valencia was received.


Valencia is capable of creating weapons from thin air. Arms produced by Valencia are limited to firearms and certain bladed weapons.

Firearms created by Valencia are loaded to maximum capacity upon materialization. These weapons vanish upon depletion of ammunition, leading to the hypothesis that Valencia is unable to create additional ammunition for himself. Valencia has not been observed to reload his weapons but has instead been seen to discard them in favor of materializing new ones.

Approachment Procedures

Agents are advised to approach Valencia with caution as he is commonly surrounded by armed or highly anomalous persons. A joint OESA/RPC Authority task force, dubbed Team Alpha-Iota, has been created for the task of conducting a raid on a Raven Mafia apartment complex where Valencia is suspected to reside. Valencia is to be apprehended and transported to the Medium Value Humanoid Containment Facility in [REDACTED], Florida.

Information regarding his role and information about the Raven Mafia is to be extracted from Valencia. IEP-Beta1 (IEP: Information Extraction Procedure) is to be conducted on Valencia. Once the appropriate amount of information is extracted from Valencia, he is to be transferred to Destacamento Contranatural custody.

Organization(s) Involved

Foreign Organization Files

On 12/01/2004, Destacamento Contranatural gave OESA several files related to Valencia. The following files can be found below:

Update: February 6th, 2005

A joint raid operation was conducted by Team Alpha-Iota. The team tracked Valencia to an apartment complex located in Riverside, California. The apartment complex appeared had no identifying markings or signs. The team observed the residents within the building for two weeks. Authority personnel within the team were able to identify a majority of the residents within the apartment as members of the Raven Mafia.

On 01/21/2005, the team commenced their operation. The team divided itself into four groups to surround the complex.

Six casualties sustained during the operation with 4 on the Authority side. The operation was a success and resulted in the capture of Valencia. A transcript of the event can be found below:

Update: February 20th, 2005

On 02/09/2005, Valencia was put in a state of temporary sensory deprivation to prohibit him from using his anomalous abilities. This has shown to have been completely successful.

On 02/15/2005, Valencia was taken out of sensory deprivation for interrogation on his connections to the Raven Mafia. The transcript can be found below:

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