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The Children of Nihil is a religious group that reveres the cleansing nature of floods and believes that through metamorphic trials and natural disasters, they can create a utopian society free from the decadence and corruption of humanity. The organization specializes in exploiting paranormal artifacts tied to historical flood mythologies, but this has not kept them from utilizing other anomalous religions and religious artifacts. They function as a conquering religion, prepared to absorb and assimilate other religious groups to reinforce their own position in an area, acquire new converts, or gain access to anomalous artifacts.

All adherents share two fundamental tenets. One is that Nihil serves as a spiritual state of transcendence and a deity, governing the concepts of obliteration and nothingness. The other is that adherents are merely vessels and that through continual service to Nihl and asceticism, they may ascend to become one with their venerable God. They believe that once all sects are united under their banner, they may finally resurrect the Dead Sun, an aspect of Nihil, from the depths. This apocalyptic deity will guide them to bring about a single, reality-ending flood. Sects of the Children of Nihil are numerous and prone to religious divisions, infighting, and endless variations of dogma.

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