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Cetace's Kin is a religious organization which follows an unknown entity by the name of Cetace. It is unknown if this entity is a real unclassified anomaly or if it is an imaginary figure created as a centripetal force within the Kin, the latter being the more likely case.

The Kin's primary belief is that whales and other members of the infraorder Cetacea, not humans, were created in god's image. They believe that through veneration of cetaceans, Cetace will grant them peace and escape from their vices, but the details of such a reward are often vague. In the pursuit of this ideal the Kin has adopted a policy of vengeance against the human race for perceived crimes such as whaling or pollution of the seas. The group's most extreme yearn for a world where humans exist only to better the lives of those they refer to as "His Children", the cetaceans. The most passive seek only to conserve life in the oceans and protect life on Earth. The Kin is responsible for the distribution of RPC-625 online as well as the likely creators of several other anomalies, all of which serve various purposes to further the Kin's cause, from recruitment to weaponry.

The Kin is elusive and isolationist in its operations. The only contact the Authority has made with them has been with independent groups or meetings. No established outpost or facility belonging to the Kin has been discovered, raising question to how the Kin organizes outside of a basic unit structure referred to by the Kin as "Pods".

The Kin has conducted attacks on Authority sites on a multitude of occasions in attempts to acquire resources or recapture anomalies, and as such is considered to be hostile to the Authority. Members of the Kin are to be terminated unless vital information can be gained from interrogation. Caution is to be taken when dealing with Kin members, as most exhibit traits of stage 2 RPC-625 victims, meaning that direct eye contact will transfer the effects. Additionally, most Kin members possess, are under the effect of, or are themselves anomalous objects, making dealing with them an often deadly prospect.

Recommendations for Writing

Cetace's Kin explores themes about conservation and the corruption of desires and greed. There are additional minor themes where the Kin's exploits will oft involve things strange and Lovecraftian in nature, at times seeming occult and at others like a strange militaristic group. That being said, the Kin do not have to be the designated bad guys of the article doing things just for the sake of being weird or evil. The Kin can work as an anomalous conservationist group, or seek to provide council to others through their faith which draws aspects of Christianity, Buddhism and spiritual or animist religions. This is enabled through the groups many Pods, which each have a different head and thus a free personality. If you wish, they might not even deal with whales and dolphins but with other things in the sea or even the land if you see it fit. Don't let the idea of a whale god restrict your ideas of what the Kin might do.

There are some things to avoid which should be mentioned. The Kin is not a doomsday cult. Their worship of Cetace is not in preparation for him to arise and cleanse the world; the group should be written in a way where they work for their self interest, not against it. Perhaps they are in pursuit of some enlightenment, or seek to protect some ecological process or structure, or many other motivations, but they should not act in a way which makes no sense or seems detrimental to themselves. As long as the group acts with sense though and draws forth one of their themes, it should be an accurate representation of them.

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