Catalog Of Lesser Anomalous Locations

Forward: In addition to Major Anomalous objects, The Authority also keeps track of Anomalous Locations whose properties are extremely dull or mundane. Much like the Lesser Anomalies catalog these locations are typically Alpha-White by default.

Designation: LA-001
Location: Miami, Florida, USA.
Description: A local residence house.
Properties: Every day at 5PM EST every door swings open.
Use: Used by the Protection Division for prepared readiness training.

Designation: LA-002
Location: Hospet, Karnataka, India.
Description: Remains of a 14th-century Hindu temple.
Properties: Roof absorbs rainwater and re-expresses it on interior ceiling as ghee (clarified butter).
Use: Containment Division front company operates a ghee manufactory centered on-site.

Designation: LA-003
Location: Keele River, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Description: A naturally-formed gravel bar measuring approx. 25m x 10m.
Properties: Gravel naturally arranges itself into repetitive spiral patterns. Any personnel who touch gravel with bare feet describe experiencing a sudden cold gust of wind and a cloud moving across the sun, regardless of actual ambient weather conditions.
Use: None, currently monitored by remote.

Designation: LA-004
Location: Masvingo, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.
Description: Area of open grassland 2km outside the Great Zimbabwe archeological complex.
Properties: Living animals moving through the area appear to hover 3mm off the ground instead of physically making contact with it. Soil and local plant life are wholly non-anomalous.
Use: None, currently fenced off and disguised as a sewage disposal facility for the Great Zimbabwe tourist site.

Designation: LA-005
Location: Codru, Chișinău Municipality, Moldova.
Description: A restaurant.
Properties: Upon consumption of any food item, the consumer's eyes will turn blue for approximately 20 minutes.
Use: None, all patrons are to be given short-term amnestics upon exiting the restaurant.

Designation: LA-006
Location: Palomar County, California, USA.
Description: A plot of forest land.
Properties: Every day from the beginning of June to the end of August, an incorporeal entity in the form of a large skinless humanoid creature wearing traditional Cahuilla Native American garb manifests between 0900 and 2100 local time. The apparition will react to the approach of observes via limited head and back movements, but is otherwise unresponsive. The entity follows a regular pattern of movement through the forest before disappearing.
Use: Used by protection forces for stealth training and escape exercises. Cover as seasonal fall camping.
Classification of RPC status denied on grounds that the apparition contains itself and is not sentient.

Designation: LA-007
Location: Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil.
Description: A Warehouse.
Properties: LA-007 is stocked with exactly 8598 empty cardboard boxes of various sizes. No matter how many cardboards are removed from the warehouse, it will always contain 8598 boxes. Attempting to remove all boxes results in the immediate apparition of 8598 new boxes.
Use: Used by the CLO as a front company. Cardboard boxes created in LA-007 are to be transferred to Authority sites as logistical supplies.

Designation: LA-008
Location: New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Description: A house.
Properties: At random intervals every month, small objects within the building are replaced by up to 5 socks of various brands. Biological organisms do not appear to be affected
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-009
Location: Nullawarre, Victoria, Australia.
Description: A tree next to Whiskey Creek.
Properties: Any members of the species Ambystoma mexicanum (Axolotl) within line of sight of the tree will begin showing an anomalous effect. Any time they open their mouth, a loud, masculine, human scream will emanate from it.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-010
Location: OL Site-476
Description: A physical, yet intangible manifestation of the concept of a "bruh moment1", occupying a space of approximately 17 square meters.
Properties: When the subject enters LA-010's area of effect, a "bruh moment" will occur to them within a few seconds of entering. Incidents have included forgetting a pen to record their notes on, a Junior Researcher receiving a text from his then-girlfriend revealing he was being cheated on with another man, and temporarily forgetting how to spell the word "anomalous." When this happens, the affected individual will immediately utter the word "bruh."
Note: A small OL Site with one ASF guard trained to direct civilians away from LA-010 has been established surrounding the area.

Designation: LA-011
Location: Monowi, Nebraska, United States
Description: Monowi is largely known for its population of one person, that being Elsie Eiler. Elsie Eiler works as the town's mayor, and works all other job positions available in LA-011.
Properties: The anomalous attribute of LA-011 is that it is impossible for the population to surpass one. Any individual (except Elsie Eiler) who comes into close proximity of LA-011 will immediately lose all motivation to settle in the area.
Use: LA-011 has no useful properties, but is widely known for its stagnating population in modern media.

Designation: LA-012
Location: Ruckersville, Virginia, United States
Description: A dilapidated two-story house, hereby referred to as LA-012-A.
Properties: Coherency of local reality is significantly weaker than baseline. At any point in time, rifts in the space-time continuum in and around LA-012-A may open up, resulting in hostile instances of LA-012-B exiting and attacking any nearby personnel. Instances of LA-012-B heavily resemble characters from the █████ ███ ████████ video game series.
Use: None. Three ASF guards are permanently stationed in order to redirect civilians away from LA-012-A. Instances of LA-012-B are to be terminated on sight. Former resident C████████ W█████ C███████ has since been designated as a POI due to suspected involvement in the creation of LA-012-B instances, and is theorized to have left this dimension through one of LA-012's rifts.

Designation: LA-013
Location: █████, California, United States
Description: An 4 x 4 meter room within the ██████████ Motel.
Properties: The ACS of the room fluctuates between 3 to 1 ACS.
Use: Currently the ██████████ Motel is owned by Dr. █████. LA-013 is used for some of the Authority’s coherency experiments.

Designation: LA-014
Location: Miami, Florida, USA.
Description: The penthouse floor of the ████████ residence.
Properties: Subjects within LA-014 become more suggestive to demands made by people with power.
Use: The Authority currently uses the location for negotiating with government officials.

Designation: LA-015
Location: ████████, Africa
Description: A large cavern measuring 20 meters in length filled with anti-thaumaturgic steel2 alloys from unknown dismantled mechanical devices.
Properties: The anti-thaumaturgic radiates a form of anomalous thaumaturgic radiation that converts all iron in a radius of 1 km3 into steel and anti-thaumaturgic steel.
Use: Currently an Authority front company is using the site for mining operations for the collection of both steel and anti-thaumaturgic steel.

Designation: LA-016
Location: Sector 100, Site-002
Description: N/A
Properties: Sector 100 is a non-existent location within Site-002, but is repeatedly mentioned in various RPC articles. A mobile strike team has been created to erase all mentions of a Sector 100 from any RPC article. Various personnel from Site-002 have claimed to have been to Sector 100. Personnel who claim to have been to Sector 100 need to be apprehended and administered amnestics.
Use: N/A3

Designation: LA-017
Location: ████████, Antarctica
Description: An AEP4 facility.
Properties: A large spatial anomaly leading into an alternate universe with an ACS of 0. According to informants within the AEP the organization is using the facility for the disposal of high threat anomalies.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-018
Location: Florida, USA.
Description: A 5 m3 section of the Everglades.
Properties: When a reptile enters LA-018 they will immediately be terminated by an unknown entity and begin to rapidly decompose.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-019
Location: ██████, Switzerland
Description: Location of the old EDC-065
Properties: Many Extra-dimensional and Bio-Hazardous creatures have been recovered from this area. These creatures are many times, aggressive and cannibalistic.
Usage: None. All creatures are to be contained and or killed.

Designation: LA-020
Location: ██████, Germany
Description: The grounds of the abandoned Schwarzwald Academy.
Properties: Within LA-020, minor fluctuations in the coherency of local reality have been observed. These fluctuations are never greater than 1.0 in difference on the ACS scale. These anomalies also appear to happen at randomly intervals throughout the building. Personnel have also noted to hear whispering voices during a fluctuation.
Use: Used jointly by FOA and Authority research teams to study reality coherency differences.

Designation: LA-021
Location: Rio Negro, State of Amazonas, Brazil [0°16' 50.8908'' S 63°41' 14.8344'' W]
Description: A piece of land of approximately 19792m2.
Properties: Through the introduction of soil and animals into LA-021, the environment and other natural aspects of the biome will slowly change to matches that of the entities' native environment.
Use: LA-021's anomalous effect is now utilized to create Biome Containment Zones for the purpose of containing anomalous flora and faunas at Site-031.

Designation: LA-022
Location: Arroyohondo, Bolivar, Colombia [10°11'47.5"N 75°05'21.3"W]
Description: A small empty space in a forest-area approximately 2114m2.
Properties: Holes within the area suddenly appear and those standing over them fall into a cave between 2:30-2:35 PM GMT-5. The hole covers up without any human interaction. It is possible to get out of the cave.
Use: Quebec-6 utilizes the location for underground navigation and escaping sudden entrapment as training.

Designation: LA-023
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Description: A 3.5 km abandon subway.
Properties: There have been several reports of strange entities roaming the tunnels.
Use: Victor-4 uses tunnels as training grounds for close combat.

Designation: LA-024
Location: Mare Vaporum, Moon
Description: A large cavern located three (3) kilometers below the Mare Vaporum completely filled with ketchup.
Properties: The ketchup is completely non-anomalous.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-025
Location: Containment Chamber ███, Gamma-Class Containment Level, Site-███
Description: One (1) 10 x 10 meter Gamma-Class containment chamber constructed with reinforced steel.
Properties: Anything viewed as anomalous placed within the chamber will have their properties effectively nullified.
Use: Currently used to contain an Omega-Purple class entity designated RPC-████.

Designation: LA-026
Location: Site-███, Russia
Description: Site-███ is one of the smallest Authority sites in Russia only containing a total of 54 RPCs.
Properties: Any sapient anomaly aggressive toward human life brought into Site-███ will show a 90% decrease in aggressivity
Use: Currently being used to contain hostile anomalies.

Designation: LA-027
Location: ██████ Burger Joint, ██████, Florida, United States of America
Description: A diner like restaurant with an 80s aesthetic.
Properties: The diner is currently run by robotic humanoids that exhibit extreme loyalty to the Authority. These entities are non-hostile and behave like employees of the establishment.
Use: The Authority have currently staffed the front of the diner with Authority agents. The Authority provides the diner with supplies to keep it running. In return the Authority gains 90% of its earnings. LA-027 has also been designated a location of interest due to it being in a part of Florida with a high concentration of anomalous activity. LA-027 has been designated Outpost-027.

Designation: LA-028
Location: ██████ Cave, ██████, England
Description: LA-028 is an underground lake located within the ██████ Cave.
Properties: The entire lake is composed entirely of Coca-Cola. This is due to an unknown specific type of micro bacteria that is able to convert water into cola through an anomalous process.
Use: The liquid is currently being examined if it is safe for consumption.

Designation: LA-029
Location: New York City, New York, United States of America
Description: LA-029 is a run down apartment building on [EXPUNGED] street. The volume of LA-029 is 120 m3.
Properties: Every Friday at midnight a tall humanoid entity with a doll for a head will manifest in one of the many windows of LA-029. This entity, designated UAE-████, will vocalize the word “come” for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes pass the entity will move around LA-029 until sunrise
Use: N/A. LA-029 is currently being monitored by Authority agents. Plans to contain UAE-████ are currently in development.

Designation: LA-030
Location: Alabama, United States of America
Description: LA-030 is a section of forest that contains a decrepit wooden shack in its center.
Properties: When a subject enters the LA-030 area they will claim that they are being observed. If a subject stays overnight, the subject will claim to see various humanoid shapes stalking in the area.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-031
Codename: Paranormal Playground
Location: Bakers Field, California, USA
Description: A playground for children equipped with monkey bars, a swing set, slides, 2 benches, a water fountain, and other activity-based structures found in children's playgrounds. Within the area is what is assumed to be another entity inhabiting the area.
Lesser Containment: Closed off to the public with fencing with a sign which reads "Closed Due to Safety Hazards with playground equipment. No Trespassing."
Properties: When a child between the ages of 4 and 10 stays at LA-031 for approximately 10 minutes, the child will begin to act abnormally and will attempt violence when the time comes to leave LA-031. When taken away from the area the child will begin to enter a state of distress and will remain that way until returned back to LA-031, these children have been designated LA-031-2. In some cases, children have been seen speaking to an "imaginary friend", designated LA-031-1, which has been hypothesized to be the cause of LA-031-2 instances.
Use: None

Designation: LA-032
Codename: Fairy Tale Cliche
Location: Near Vienna, Austria
Description: A small village of talking fur humanoids, designated LA-032-1A, 1B, and 1C. Each instance of LA-032-1A, 1B, and 1C are approximately 1.4m in height or shorter and are covered in fur resembling a dog's and each one bearing a similar yet different appearance, some will appear to have 1 eye, 2 eyes, or 3 eyes. The area is surrounded by large bushes and is now fenced off by the Authority using wire fencing topped with barbed wire. The village is full of multiple occupations such as cooking/baking, weapon/tool forgery, farming, librarians, seamstress jobs, clocksmith jobs, and entertainers.
Properties: If threatened in any way or form, each instance is equipped with either a bow and arrow or daggers constructed of steel or copper.
Use: N/A

Addendum 032-1: As of now, LA-032-1 instances have not been aggressive towards visiting Authority personnel and have always been welcomed into LA-032 with free baked goods and clothing. During one visit an LA-032-1B instance handed Dr. Hollen a scarf with the RPC Authority logo sewn on and the words "Protectors of Vallenburg" sewn in as well.

Addendum 032-2: On 3/14/20██, 2 instances of LA-032-1 had visiting Site-███ with the statement "You visit us now we visit you". Afterward, both instances were returned to LA-032 safely. Both were given new pens since the only types of pens that existed in LA-032 were old feather pens.

Designation: LA-033
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Description: A large forest made up of 12.4m tall trees with purplish color logs.
Properties: If a chunk of wood is cut down and taken, the person taking it, designated LA-033-1, will gain bad luck for as long as they have the chunk.

Designation: LA-034
Location: Trinity School, New York City, New York, USA
Description: A generator room with multiple rows of wire fencing which form a maze. The ground is flooded with water able to reach a person's ankles. At the end of the maze is a generator that controls the power of only the room. LA-034-1 is a humanoid creature estimated to be about 1.8m in height and bears only white eyes and is covered in mold and contaminated water.
Properties: Once a subject enters LA-034, the electricity is driven door to the exit will close shut, lock itself, and is completely indestructible. The power in the room will be depleted and the subject will have to find the end of the maze to turn the generator on again and must find their way back out the same way. Whilst inside of LA-034, the LA-034-1 instance will be hunting down the subject as they travel through the maze.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-035
Location: Site-007 and Site-015
Description: A supply closet with multiple shelves and a single light bulb keeping the room lit using a small chain to turn it off and on.
Properties: When the light is turned off then on it will transport the subjects inside from Site 015 to Site-007 and vice versa.
Use: The Authority uses this to travel between both sites if needed.

Designation: LA-036
Location: London, England
Description: An art gallery with 2 rooms and a single hall of art pieces. Only a single person works there wearing clothes typically worn by artists.
Properties: When a subject enters LA-036, they will be greeted by LA-036-1. LA-036-1 will begin to show the subject 2 art pieces including a blank canvas. LA-036-1 will then lead the subject into a backroom in order to convert the subject into an art piece themselves designated LA-036-2. 2 minutes after entering the room, LA-036-1 will exit with LA-036-2 and hang it in the hall of art pieces with what are assumed to be other victims/instances of LA-036-2.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-037
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Description: A large casino named The Omega Plaza contains multiple gambling games as well as 30 floors of hotel rooms. The front of the building bears a large Omega symbol with the word "Casino" in a Zane-Bloser cursive font below the symbol. The bottom floor holds all games related to gambling such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Hold 'em along with a series of slot machines and a large room on the west side of the building specifically for horses race gambling.

LA-037-1 instances are humanoid entities clothed in a large black-colored cloak with a hood. Each instance will bear plastic masks, all resembling former U.S. Presidents, each one bearing the Omega symbol on the forehead of the mask. LA-037-1 instances will be seen roaming LA-037 but will not harm anyone and will not speak.
Properties: Subjects entering LA-037 have not been seen to exit. Once within LA-037, the subject will begin to feel pressured to gamble by the multiple LA-037-1 instances residing in the building. Once the subject begins to gamble, they will begin to grow an addiction to gambling and will refuse to leave the building until they have won, although as of today no one has been able to win, assuming all games within the casino are rigged in some way. Subjects have been spotted staying overnight in the multiple hotel rooms above the casino and will continue gambling in the daytime even if the subject no longer has money to gamble.
Use: N/A

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