Case File: 047




Case File: #047

The Following Question Are Ask To Understand The Nature Of A Case Files

Location of Case File: ███████, England

Date of Case File:01/01/2000

Personnel Involved: Agent Peterson and Agent Shawnson

Were any anomalous Object/Entity involved in the Case File: Yes

Foreward: On 01/01/2000, One humanoid body was found in the town of ███████, England. The entity’s body was found on the roof of Saint █████’s Nursing Home. Subjects body measured 2.5 meters long with a width of 1.2 meters. The entity’s body was found charred by █████ ███. █████ ███ alerted local authorities to the location of the entity’s body. Agent Peterson and Agent Shawnson intercepted the call and apprehended █████ ███ and notified a local recovery team to collect the body. █████ ███ was administered Class-B amnestics.

Additional/A: The entity has been designated RPC-███. Researcher Thomas and Researcher Gomez theorize that RPC-███ is related to the entity encountered in the footage of Case File 45.

Would you like to open related file: Case File: 045

Additional/B: Incident-███-█ Footage
Three researchers performing an autopsy on RPC-███ were accidentally killed when Researcher ██████ made a small cut on the torso of RPC-███. It is hypothesized that the chemical makeup of the internal organs of RPC-███ to the oxygen in the room. RPC-███’s body combusted and engulfed Researcher ██████, Researcher ████, and Researcher ████.

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