Case File: 045




Case File: #045

The Following Question Are Ask To Understand The Nature Of A Case Files

Location of Case File: ████, Alabama

Date of Case File: 09/01/1994

Personnel Involved: Agent Matthews, Agent Dawson, and Agent Kaleb

Were any anomalous Object/Entity involved in the Case File: Yes

Foreword: On 08/30/1994, Matthew ████, Amanda █████, Carol ███, Alexandra ██████, and Lucia ████ were found deceased in Saint ████ High School in ████, Alabama. ████ authorities found the teenager’s bodies inside the school’s gym. Each body was found with severe damage. The gym was found to be decorated with occult symbolism. Symbolism was discovered to be from the Kadinier faith (See Additional/B for more information). ████ authorities believe the students entered the school at 10:55 P.M. on 08/29/1994. Agent Matthews, Agent Dawson, and Agent Kaleb drove down to ████ investigate the murder. Under the guise of FBI agents the team arrived to the town of ████, Alabama. The team followed by two local police officers entered the Saint ████ High School and demanded to view the school’s security system (See Additional/A for more information).

Additional/A: Saint ████ High School Security Footage

The following is footage from 09/29/1994 on the same night Matthew ████, Amanda █████, Carol ███, Alexandra ██████, and Lucia ████ entered the school. The footage recovered is 3 hours long (For brevity the footage has been shortened). Note that no audio was recorded by the security footage.

[Begin Log]

00:00:07 - Matthew ████, Amanda █████, Carol ███, Alexandra ██████, and Lucia ████ can be seen climbing the fence behind the school with two large bags.

00:00:35 - The group clears the fence and begin walking toward the school building.

00:01:09 - The group arrive to the school building and attempted to open the double doors that are found behind the school. The doors appear to be locked by a chain lock.

00:01:17 - One of the teenagers believed to be Matthew ████ pulls out a bolt cutter from one of the large bags and breaks the lock.

00:01:20 - Matthew ████ opens the door.

It approximately takes them one minute and thirty seconds to get to the gym.

At 00:02:00 the group of teens enter the gym. It takes them twenty minutes to cover the gym with Kadinier paraphernalia.

00:20:10 - The group gathers in a circle at the center of the gym.

00:20:15 - Amanda █████ takes out a piece of chalk from her pants and begins to draw a hexagons. Each side of the hexagon is 1.5 meters apart from each other.

00:20:23 - Each person stands on one side of the hexagon leaving one side empty.

00:20:35 - The group begins to chant. As they chant a warning of space begins to occur over the empty side of the hexagon. The group does not take notice of the apparent warping of space.

00:20:40 - The gym lights turn off. Nothing is visible.

00:21:00 - The lights of the gym turn back on. The light reveals a two meter tall white faceless humanoid entity standing on the empty side of the hexagon. The arms of said humanoid can be seen constantly changing in length.

00:21:00 - Carol ███ notices the entity and screams.

00:21:01 - The entity’s left arm elongates to reach Carol ███. The entity wraps its hand around Carol’s head.

00:21:02 - The rest of the group now reacting to Carol’s scream notice the entity.

00:21:03 - The entity rips the jaw off Carol ███.

00:21:05 - Alexandra ██████ attempts to run away from the entity.

00:21:06 - The entity elongates its right arm to reach Alexandra ██████.

00:21:07 Carol falls to the floor.

00:21:08 The entity’s elongated arm reaches Alexandra ██████ making contact with the base of here neck. The entity’s hand merges together and ███████ her neck.

00:21:09 - Lucia ████ pulls out a pocket knife.

00:21:10 - The entity retracts its arms.

00:21:12 - Lucia ████ dashes toward the entity with her pocket knife.

00:21:13 - The entity merges both hands together and elongates them with enough force to ███████ through Lucia’s body. The arms of the entity reaches Matthew ████ impaling him.

00:21:20 - The creature retracts its hands from both Matthew ████ and Lucia ████.

00:21:22 - The entity faces the direction of Amanda █████ who is currently crying.

00:21:23 - The entity looks at Amanda █████ and elongates both arm toward her.

00:21:23 - The entity’s arm reach Amanda █████. The entity wraps Amanda’s head in its hands.

00:21:24 - The entity removes the head of the last survivor and retracts its arms back

The Entity stands still for four minutes and twenty five seconds before dematerializing.

[End Log]

Witnesses to the security footage were administered Class-A amnestics. Cadavers of victims were taken to Site-19 for examination. Family members related to the victims are currently being investigated if they have any affiliation with the Kadinier faith.

Additional/B: Summary of Kadinism

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