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INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN PRESENTED BY:Office of Information Records and Security, Room 12, Safe 115 "1970-1974" [North America] and is reserved for Clearance A3. A redacted version is available for Clearance A2, digital release only, document 122921BSN-C2.

Controller notice: This collection of documentation concerns an event summarized as "Smithsonian Rings Affair" lasting 1969-1975, during a lapse of cooperation in the anomalous community in the upper United States. Yellow tagging has been applied due to its significance as a piece of Administration historical affairs.



600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20002

Director Paul N. Perrot ,Assistant Secretary

<The purpose of this correspondence is to provide updated information and the future outlook regarding the active Carousel Module project in cooperation with The Smithsonian Institution and the Department of the Interior, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Vice President Spiro Agnew and Chairman John J. Riccardo>

This document, and all documents associated, The Carousel Module, and the nature of activities relating to such on behalf of the Detroit Industrial Community's workers and facilities, remain Federal matters of secrecy. Additionally, an Executive Decision that justifies a portion of this correspondence is not intended for clearance levels outside of Carousel Research and Development staffing specifically. -

The Detroit Industrial Community received on October 1st, 1969 the undertaking of transporting, housing, and securing the Carousel Module on behalf of the Federal Government, specifically The Smithsonian Institution for a period of no less than ten years. The Carousel Module, a monument of interlocking rings occupying a warehouse of floor space, is a property of State archeological significance. From its unearthing in Jordan, it was transported to our facility at The Mount Elliot Corridor, Detroit, Michigan on 1 October 1969 via Canadian National Railway. Upon arrival, infrastructure and staffing had been finalized for an industrial facility for storage and study. This site, “Arterial 7” is a secure facility owned by Arterial Detroit, LLC and formerly partnered with ‘The Authority’ (R.P.C.). regional office in Bay City, Michigan.

As of 1 November 1972, The Vatican Archive, The Smithsonian Institution, and The Department of the Interiors affiliates are authorized contractors, maintainers, and researchers of The Carousel Module. Our official update concerns a recent 'activation', and a changing of the guard in respects to confidential access. ‘Activation’ is defined as a very recent state of mechanical lucidity in regards to the Carousel Module. Previously, no mechanical, electric, sensory or extraordinary functions were apparent during study. Specifically, The workplace has noticed self propelled movement and a noticeable change of texture, interior, and has thus revised protocols and is underway toward re-categorization of security, confinement, and existential implications.

However, high profile affiliate ‘The Authority’ (R.P.C.) has been blacklisted from total project access by order of Vice President Spiro Agnew. This has been regarded as a security concern in lieu of the recent ‘Activation’, as well as a change of policy regarding state secrets within the community. Arterial Detroit, LLC is now a singular operation devoid of the former partnership, and is now wholly maintained by The Chrysler Corporation and its Federal partners.

Furthermore, it is currently the ordered policy of the Board of Regents to prohibit further ‘Authority’ (R.P.C.) permissions, access to information, access to the Arterial Detroit, LLC site or its supply chain, for the indefinite future.

Arterial Detroit, LLC is to expect a very minimal lapse in operations as a result of the severance, as a majority of infrastructure was provided by first party industries in Detroit. Notable contributions to the project from 'The Authority' (R.P.C.) concerned the team of D.D. Micheal Serrano , Theology Department, providing supervisory input, and Group Supervisor William Page, Office of Analysis and Science. Material collections, material testing, and expert consultation were among the provisions. In total, 32 'Authority' (R.P.C) personnel rotated to and from the site, 5 of which remained as permanent staffing.

The loss of this team should not represent a significant hurtle to Arterial Detroit, LLC however, it is heavily advised replacements be made hastily from appropriate institutions at the very minimum. Due to the 'Activation' state, it is requested Federal assistance be provided in either relocating The Carousel Module entirely, and or provide additional financial resources for a total renovation of the Mount Elliot Corridor location.

We would like to softly inquire as to what the hell you could possibly be thinking at this time, John

- Take it up with the White House, brother.

There seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, because Arterial itself sent the message, not the Regents.

- Can't say I know what you want me to say.

We know it turned on and you choose now and only now to dismiss the team? This isn't a security concern, this is somebody's ego.

- Be that as it may, we aren't supposed to be speaking.

No pal, this is greed and it is deception. You are entirely unqualified for what this situation implies, Carous-

- No no no no you aren't going to yell, explode like that, listen. The cooperative's cancelled. You need to talk to Washington, where all roads go.

I'm going to believe this is without a doubt related to Spiros' scatterbrained idealis-

-Hey, it's over. Try again later.

[Custodian Postscript]
Identifying what is understood about the Carousel Module. As of 10 March 1996, the Carousel Module remains in dubious custody. Sticking purely to matter of fact, based on research conducted by then-Arterial, it is best understood as a form of ancient and broadly Mesopotamian craftsmanship. Superficially one would suggest a calendar. Their research determined initially a sculpture of worship was more apt, followed then by machinery, and finally something approaching the anomalous. With that in mind and despite remarks and presumptions from expert staff, we should not certify conclusions until the remaining paperwork is retrieved from the Board of Regents in Washington.

This Office will open a new case study when new information becomes available. If you are a future reviewer of this document and have verified or suspect new information about the Carousel Module, contact The Administration promptly and see to it this page is either amended or provided for relevant discussion.

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