RPC Authority: Budget Cuts

Presidium Primary Telegram Feed
January 22 2021
An email has been forwarded to all personnel. You are expected to read it. Do not disappoint your Division.
February 5, 2021
Submissions have opened! Contact VizloxVizlox or CroalCroal before submitting an article.
February 10, 2021
Calculation systems have been completed and scoring has begun! Follow live scores at the submissions section.
March 1, 2021
The Office of Financial Affairs has produced a number of deductions against certain… abused, elements within the competition.
March 13, 2021
March 16, 2021
Despite a great number of well thought out theses, ASF reports, and maintenance requests, it is clear to us that neither Research nor Containment can function without a well-funded Protection Division. Until such time as our income can be normalized, Containment will be forced to run lean, and we are imposing a freeze on non-essential Research projects. You have the resources of the world at your disposal, and the talent and ingenuity to use them efficiently and with minimal cost.

Post-Contest Articles

Post-Contest Art


Team Research


1. Dr. Curtis "Six" Burnwood by DrPierson
2. And Thus I Depart by DrPierson
3. RPC-377 by Fortunae
4. RPC-001: The Alpha and Omega (A&Ω) by ieatcrepes
5. Uncommon Diseases by High Gamma and ieatcrepes

Team Protection


1. RPC-379 by Almarduk
2. Report On The Anomalous State Of Turkmenistan by Blairin
4. RPC-647 by Almarduk
5. RPC-361 by TTPY
6. RPC-847 by Almarduk
7. The Abyss Stares Back by AfroSmileyFace
8. Powered Squadron by 8ismo

Team Containment


1. RPC-869 by Superspambot
2. RPC-110-J by Vizlox
3. RPC-545 by Excer
4. RPC-416 by TheGreatTarbolin69
5. Dr. David Bucher Keller by TheGreatTarbolin69
6. RPC-458 by Vizlox
7. Maybe One Day… by TheGreatTarbolin69
8. RPC-353 by Bookshelf11
9. C&D Personnel Briefing by Vizlox
10. Rats in a Maze by ICFD
11. RPC-704 by Dattop

Two-Team Collabs

1.5x points to both teams

Research & Protection

Research & Containment

1. RPC-376 by Kloth2 and Superspambot

Protection & Containment

1. RPC-727 by Almarduk and TheGreatTarbolin69
2. RPC-420 by Almarduk, Minutemen and TheGreatTarbolin69


0.5x points to the author's team of choice

1. A Charitable Donation by Excer
2. Report on In-Person Evaluation of Site-D83 Regarding Property, Structural Integrity, and Continued Viability by bXluYW1lamVmZg

Division Art Entries

0.5x points to the artist's team of choice

1. Von's Budget Cut Art by Von Pincier
2. mewstro's budget cuts art by mewstro
3. Agente Shuffle's Budget Cuts Art by Agente Shuffle
4. Axie's Budget Cut Art by AxieTheAxolotl
5. Ascribers Budget Cut Art by Ascriber
6. Janny Qual's Extravagant Budget Cuts Art Page by televisionist
7. Pierson's Budget Cut Art by DrPierson

The Event is over!

Congratulations to Protection Division for winning with a total of 745 points. Great job Almarduk with the highest total author points, he has won the RPC-200 slot. Fantastic job to all.

Thank you to everyone who participated by writing, creating art, critiquing and voting. The Protection Division authors are being contacted to make their recommendations for featured articles on the front page. The scored portion of the event is over, but remember that you may write for events even after they have finished. Make sure to check back for new entries in the future.

To All Authority Personnel


January 22nd, 2021, 12:30 AM

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the Authority. In the interest of interdicting rumor and fearful conjecture, the Directorate has decided to inform all staff and personnel about recent events and how they have affected the Authority proper.

The Authority has gained the ire of the United States as a result of the Site-014 Incident. The funding we received from the nation has been cut greatly, and we had to pay them a considerable reparation in order to effectively continue our operations in North America. For the sake of humanity, we cannot afford to discontinue operations on any continent; however, considering our current situation, "afford" is a cute choice of words.

The gap in our revenue has to be regained through alternative sources. These sources will be borne from a new Authority initiative, one that has an ironic tinge of American capitalism and competition. You will be competing to show the Board and the Office of Financial Affairs that your project, team, or even Division is worthy of continuing to receive their current budget.

Personnel of the Research, Protection, and Containment Divisions: You are tasked with finding new value within or demonstrating the existing worth of your work. Additionally, we will be making cuts where we deem necessary. If your project cannot be at least deemed generally valuable to the Authority or humanity, or something either cannot literally exist without; do not expect your position to be secure. The tried and true is no longer the only option, a good Division is able to handle the diverse challenges that face the Authority, no matter the method. If there are better alternatives, the Office of Financial Affairs wants to hear it. Do not let anything funnel your imagination, it is currently your most valuable resource. Discuss ideas and proposals with your superiors. More efficient processes allows us to run leaner and be more flexible as a whole.

The Division that can show us the most return for our investment will not have to run as lean as the rest. If you're not sufficiently motivated, think not of this competition as the means of survival for the Authority, but for the survival of your job.

Get to work.


Welcome to the Competition

Your substandard performances all around have put the Authority in an unfortunate position. We've become short on cash, and even shorter on options. Personally, I think all three of you Divisions are utter failures and none should be exempt from the inevitable budget cuts, but my term as GD-WEST is nearly up and my replacement is going to be very different. The new GDs take their positions at the beginning of February, and will be holding the final budget vote on March 16th.

There's a lot to be considered. Each Division has its purpose to the Authority and to humanity. And each Divisional GD will be presenting a hefty list of accomplishments in their fields, contributions to the Authority, and all the great strides in their work which show they are truly deserving of every penny in their current budget. Financial Affairs will of course be sending its lackies and oversized spreadsheets to argue their own Division analyses, but ultimately it's up to the Directorate.

You're going to have to prove your Division's worth if you want to keep your current funding. These cutbacks will be long lasting, until the The Authorities Administration Division sees herself in a proper position to allow grants.

How the Contest Works

We'll be keeping score for each Division over the next several weeks. You'll want to earn as many points as you can for your team—and you'll see there are many ways of doing this. And there's also plenty of technicalities and surprises to happen throughout.

Writing entries are categorized by their Division teams. To receive full points, you will be required to include your team's Division in some significant way. However, entries that do not involve your Division, but still involve at least one Division, may be submitted for half points. Entries about the Presidium and other topics directly related to this event, but not including your team's Division, may be submitted for half points as well.

After the contest ends, the winning team members will have a trophy icon placed beside their user profiles everywhere on the site. They will also be allowed to choose which contest entries are featured on the front page.

The Divisions

Over the last 5 months, we have worked to overhaul all three of the Divisions in terms of lore and structure. You are encouraged to read the new Division hubs, and you will be required to have read the hub of your chosen team.



Every entry contributes a number of points toward a team's total score. These points are based on the votes cast on the article.

  • A 5 star vote is worth five points, and a 4 star vote is worth four points. 3 star votes and below do not affect scores.
  • A team's score is the cumulative score of all entries.1

Effective Teamwork

This is a team event, and as such, working with your teammates will be key to victory.

A channel for each Division has been created on the RPC Lore Server. Brainstorm ideas, give feedback and critique on drafts, and work with your partners to create the best content you can. Your Division depends on it.


Art & Media Submissions

In addition to writing submissions, art and media may also be submitted. You may only have one art page to include all Division art you create for the event.

Anyone may submit art, whether on a team or not. The artist will decide which team to award their earned points.

Divisions Lore

The Divisions have all received complete overhauls for your reading and writing pleasure!

Within Research Division, the Bureau of Acquisition has been reorganized, given an extensive history, and given a new sub-department: The Axton Hornsby Exploration Society.

Furthermore, the new Research Security Service has been added to assist the Experimentation Team in Research sites.

The Division's lore is now more expansive, but made much more accessible and digestible. Hub text is clear and concise, and many graphics have been implemented.

Protection Division has received a brand new department, the Protectorate, with the objective to protect individuals of the world from anomalous threats and other disasters they are equipped to handle.

The Authority Extraterrestrial Defense Force has been moved to Protection. With the primary function of protecting humanity from the most outside of threats possible, it fits best within Protection over any other Division.

A Protection news widget has been added to the Division's hub, displaying a list of Protection stories every time you visit the page.

Three expansive hubs have been written for the Containment Division, detailing the departments of the Triform Axle: The Engineering Component, The Biomechanical Module, and the Protocol Laboratory.

Due to its primary function as the internal security of Authority facilities, the Authority Security Force has been moved to the Containment Division.

It's a good day to be a janitor.

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