Briefing the New Agents.




Hello Agents, and welcome to the rest of your life. My name is Agent Charlotte Bains and I'll be giving you your first briefing here because. Well. You can see. Yes, yes snicker at the woman with one arm but it was better than being dead at the time. Yes, that's the kind of choice a lot of you will have to make, you're often first on the scene, having to contain something that really, really doesn't want to be contained until the ATF or MST arrive.

Hmm, You. Yes, you in the back, short blonde hair. Stand up. Now, since you think making faces is so funny. How would you approach a suspected anomaly site? Wrong. You think caution is your friend, that it keeps you alert. A lot of the time that close attention to detail or curiosity can get you in trouble. Let me tell you about one of my early missions.

It was my third in fact, I was still recovering from the side effects that came with losing my arm, and we got a call from higher up that there was some kind of anomalous signal being broadcast from an 'abandoned' radio tower near us. So, we went, me, and my partner David of course. Orders are orders kids, but it's up to you how you carry them out. In our case, we started getting weird noises over the radio. Now, some of you might think you can listen in to hear what's going on so you're better prepared. That's the wrong thinking, we switched it off. It came out later that if we'd listened to the full signal we'd have been exposed to a Type 6 memetic hazard, for those of you who slept through memetics class during orientation, a Type 6 is a perception affecting memetic hazard, the people who were listening to this were seeing and hearing 'ghosts' in every TV, radio, or mobile signal they looked at or listened to. Once we got up there, well, I wish I could tell you that but when The Board directly send you a message to keep quiet or they'll amnesticate the last 30 years of your life away, you keep quiet. Orders are orders.

So yes, be cautious, but remember, not everything is as it seems, and things which aren't as they seem might be the most dangerous just to look at or listen to. It's not your job to fully contain something, it's your job to get an on site assessment, stop it from doing more damage, and make sure ATF don't lose too many of their mooks trying to contain it.

Still, I mentioned choices before, so I'd be doing something wrong if I didn't say this. You're probably going to die. It might be your own choice if you see too much of something, it might be a careless accident that gets you trapped in something's effects, and sometimes, you have to make a sacrifice to stop something because there's nobody else who can make it in time. I lost this arm that way, and I got very, very lucky.

So be prepared, don't sell your lives cheaply, don't be stupid, remember to never look too closely. But, when push comes to shove, you're Agents of The Authority, and nobody in this organization puts themselves on the front lines of the unknown more than us.

You are dismissed, good luck out there.

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