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The Black Site Department is a high clearance classified wing of the Authority's Non-Primary branches having jurisdiction and in all 3 of the main Divisions. Its primary task is to prevent internal threats and safeguard a decent chunk of the Authority's information while containing some of the worst anomalies under the Authority's control.

Domestic Threat Response

Black Site is normally the group to handle groups within the Authority that go rogue.

High Clearance Object Handling

Black Site handles extremely dangerous, divisive, or horrific objects.1

High Clearance Information Handling

Black Site handles a lot of classified info.2


This page serves as a hub for Black Site content. Someone should probably edit this part to have a full overview of Black Site.

Writing Guides

Black Site RPCs

RPC-131 - How to Catch an Info-Demon
RPC-000 - In The Beginning
RPC-990 - Mother of the New Flesh
RPC-438 - The Lethe River

RPCs that reference Black Site

RPC-814 - They're Real

Black Site Curators

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It's spelled "Black Site," not "Blacksite"
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