"Goddammit." Director Hollands slammed the file on his desk as he walked over to the window, and placed his hands inside his pockets.

Director Hollands' door was creakily opened, and peeping in was the Director Hollands' private secretary. Including an unexpected visitor that stood outside of the DDG's office.

"My apologies for the interruption, sir. Authority Chief Liaison Charles Goodwin is here to see you."

The Authority organization had sent someone to DDG Hollands' office to assist Monarch Security with their tenuous relations with the Blue Book organization. They knew that this internal conflict would bite them in the back someday if these tensions don't ease down.

DDG Hollands sighed and walked back to his desk. "Very well, send them in."

He pulled back his chair and sat down as the Chief Liaison entered the room, grasping a file.

"Deputy Director Hollands, or is it just Director Hollands?"

"Just Director Hollands, son."

Director Hollands didn't quite like people who referred to him by his full title. It annoyed him in an odd way, but he liked to get to the point without introductions or referring to others by their tedious titles.

"I am going to assume that you are fully aware of the situation underway with the tinfoil crackheads over at Blue Book?" Director Hollands said as he placed his hands on the desk.

"Yes sir, my superiors and I are fully aware of the situation that your agency is in the midst of. How can I help get you and MI13 out of this?"

Director Hollands cleared his throat and looked at Chief Goodwin. "By telling them that we neither have any interest in cooperating with Blue Book nor complying with their request. We would prefer if they kept to their own devices."

"Well, that's not gonna get us anywhere. And― may I?"

Goodwin was pointing at the chair sitting across from Director Hollands' desk. Director Hollands nodded and gestured to Chief Goodwin to sit.

"Thank you. Now, what's the situation regarding the object that you guys are holding? As far as I've heard, it's being transported to one of our facilities for … protection?"

"Yes, for the moment. The Section Chief of the London Bureau has ordered the transfer to one of your facilities. It's just an extra precaution until things resume as it were. We don't want to repeat the 1991 incident, of course."

"Ah, yes, that incident … remind me whose fault was that?"

Back in 1991, Blue Book forces had sent in a team to retrieve a crashed object that had been transported to a British facility operated by MI13. When Blue Book forces initially arrived, security forces guarding the facility warned them to leave the premises. They refused to back down. The incident increased tensions between Blue Book and MI13 for approximately two days, until the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee (UNAAC) stepped in and instructed Blue Book to stand down after unanimous support from the World Security Council siding with the British delegates.

Following that incident, MI13's relations with Blue Book deteriorated and both organizations today remain at a hostile, yet, neutral status. Director Hollands didn't quite respect the Blue Book's operational jurisdiction within the United Kingdom when it came to anomalous-related operations.

"It was Blue Book, they started that transgression against the British Government, and we didn't take it kindly." He said as he leaned back in his chair.

"Look, how about we ignore the historical differences between you and Blue Book and focus on the more important things?"

Director Hollands scoffs as he leans closer towards Chief Goodwin.

"Absolutely, I agree with you, but, they were pointing their weapons at my men as they tried to do their jobs on protecting this country. My government cannot simply just brush that off, they can have the bloody object if they wanted to if it didn't exhibit any anomaly."

Chief Goodwin scratched his head as he tried to figure out a solution.

"Right, well, we should at least put Blue Book on leash for the time being. How about passing a resolution in the UNAAC's World Security Council to launch an inquiry and possibly have the Blue Book's Head of European Operations suspended?"

Director Hollands remained silent for a short moment until he stood from his chair holding out his hand for a handshake. Chief Goodwin stood up too, and shook the Director's hand.

"Very well, I'll propose this matter to the Director-General."

"Alright, I'll convey this to my superior at Site-007, and support your decision at the next UNAAC meeting."

Chief Goodwin headed for the door.


Chief Goodwin stopped at the door, turning to face Hollands.

"Blue Book isn't going to easily get away with this. They're going to get what's coming."

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