Auxiliary Documentation

Auxiliary Documentation


Part of an ongoing anthology on Parasynthesis and Bioscripting.

Alternative Project Aliases: Dharmic Dragon, The Three Sorrows, Apollonian and Dionysian, Acting Troupe, Dollhouse.

Statement: The following is an interaction between two individuals under the aliases "PT" and "K".The letters were in regards to the construction of both RPC-279-A and RPC-279-B. Both individuals use coded language to express meanings.

The word "Puppet Turner" (translated from kugutsu-mawashi) is a group of nomadic puppeteers in 9th century Japan. The word "Kokoro" has many significant spiritual meanings in Japanese linguistics. It roughly translates to heart, mind, and body in harmony.

Although most manuscripts were badly damaged upon recovery, the following letters have been translated and are 87% completed from encrypted letters. Bracketed text is meant to highlight two common issues found in the text: either the text had been deemed irrecoverable or translations of the original text provided multiple meanings.

CODE: +S-d7?mater_lack$
SUBJECT: SMC template

You will be pleased to note the Oiran Project has progressed significantly since we last spoke.

I remember your kind words and approval of my team's project. You know, I don't envy your profession. Perfecting Dolls is a nightmare since the Authority stepped in. And [ TEXT LOST ] Sometimes they're prone to being unruly. Sometimes they opine for things no Doll should have. And sometimes, accidents happen. The 1993 incident was a freak act of God.

Luckily for us, our [ "RND division" or "Sapience Development Program" ] have worked on a brain-child over the decade since. The Somatoform Mind Communicator, or SMC. I won't burden you with the details. All you need to know is that the SMCs we've given you allows for greater interfacing with Suspirias.

Our motto, "it's dreams that make the memory", seemed to pay off in the end.

CODE: =Nv#3b-mat»sus*
SUBJECT: RE SMC template

I receive you, K.

Your shipments delivered yesterday have proven tricky to use. The SMC templates have been applied onto the appropriate Doll, but hemorrhaging has been noted in 67% of product recalls.


If operations move as planned, soon writing inputs for Dolls will be the norm. As you put it, we wouldn't need to rely on outdated methods, or really, my team's methods of ["operant conditioning" or "utilization of drugs"]. You must be pleased.

CODE: 5!B5mat(tene)+@


If I may speak so boldly, I hope this… doesn't interfere with the more traditional methods of creating products.

Despite our disagreements in the past.

CODE: Mwt-manip-C893

Candid as ever, K?

Yes, the fact that my team has been rendered as custodial staff for the duration of the project, that hasn't gone unnoticed by me or my frustrated colleagues.

Every time a Doll escapes, runs, and gets electrocuted by the fence, it's on my team to sort out [ TEXT LOST ]. Every time a new customer sends us an encrypted payment, we have to do around weeks of background checks, so as to make sure the account isn't linked back to an Authority-owned address.

The seizure of Shinjuku Koma theater, the sterilization of multiple Theaters, the culling of [ TEXT LOST ]. Stolen. All "sacrificed" so that you can develop the Red Maiden via SMCs. I'm surprised the Upper Echelon hasn't fired you for the ["second-coming of AI" or "a paradigm shift in para-engineering"].

How Suspiria, a field of psychotronic engineering that's still in its initial infancy, impressed the Upper Echelon to cut funds to other teams like ours and pool them into teams like yours, it baffles the mind. Suspirias are costly. You might say they aren't, but they are.

I've already filed my grievances with our benefactors. I made sure they knew who to blame should another vessel get stolen away from us.

CODE: ~~((==blackiron_p%
SUBJECT: Warning

Are you threatening me PT?

I couldn't predict those side-effects. Regardless, new innovations always carry over new issues.

I know you cast your doubts on the Dolls integrating with the SMC templates we installed. That it's not communicating with Dolls properly; that their bodies have a significant burnout rate; that synchronicity creates eschatological buildup; that violent outbursts occur within Dolls frequently; that this makes them act erratically or self-harm; and oh no PT, we wouldn't want your team to be relegated as glorified janitors every time a Doll turns into a slurry of flesh.

I won't have my work besmirched or devalued by some ingrate. I do not need a bunch of ["abductors" or "rapists"] to damage a Doll before even entering our custody. Now, instead of wasting psychotropic drugs, we use them to induce hypnagogia and heighten the neurotransmitters during incubation. Instead of dealing with trauma, we create realities, people.

From esoteric texts there is a quote that shines above all: "the dragon slays itself, weds itself, and impregnates itself." Currently, our Red Maiden can be destroyed, recreated, and altered. If you would give us time, we will resolve the dream leakages. For now, think of it as an improperly ventilated heat sink for a system unit that needs a few more tweaks.

Don't you understand? This is above you and me. Above the Upper Echelon and above our organization. We have made an ouroboros that saves memories into the "aether" and supplicates new ones ad infinitum. Far beyond simple capitalistic concerns, this is a benchmark for humanity itself. And we are at the precipice facing the horizon. I only need time to perfect the process.

CODE: nihil_&428_thr_nih&&

What a farce. We're not Gods, we're businessmen.

Besides, the problem with any being sufficiently human to the tastes of the buyer is that it will have to possess some level of innate cognitive dissonance. It doesn't matter if I reprogram them or if you "reconstruct" them from parts. All minds hold some level of hypocrisy - illogical ideals stemmed from no meaning but that which they've imposed. There is no higher purpose here.

Additionally, I am concerned that these illogical ideals leak and create problems. I've monitored the development of Dolls. Sometimes they never change from their programming, retaining docile, primitive features. And other times, while with customers or in storage, they awaken to their circumstances, and start either performing a late circumcision or worse. They plot. They plan for long periods of time all in the hopes of escape.

Interrogations yielded fruit from the ones we recovered. What's alarming is their comprehension of minor details that were never available to them, such as authorization codes or conversations that took place in facilities that they had never been to. It can't be a coincidence. Reset memories are becoming recurrent nightmares.

Can you assure us that the Red Maiden has not gained some semblance of control over your so-called aether? What happens when it realizes it was created? Abducted? Do you even know anymore?

CODE: fnsU3nishitani
SUBJECT: no subject

Yesterday, I saw to the creation and destruction of a girl. She believed she was raised near the mountains. I gave her a life of her own. I gave her a marriage and two lovely children. I gave her time to grow old and die.

And in death, I severed the hands that touched her grandsons and granddaughters. I cremated the lips that kissed her first love. I extracted the mind she thought so sacred, private only to her, with a melon ball.

Do you know the legacy template I worked off from? They were my memories I wrote into a Suspiria. I implanted copies of my memories into her and other hers and eventual future hers. I recycled her over and over again. Until she was many and none.

So to answer your question, no I don't know the difference anymore. There is no divine spirit, no timeless truth, no existential self. There are only dreams and memories. A thousand small mirrors made to look like portraits.

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