Here are the winners of the Autumn contest. Thank you all!

First place is How to Catch an Info-Demon by bXluYW1lamVmZgbXluYW1lamVmZg and Vizlox does not match any existing user name with 12 upvotes. They have won the RPC-131 slot!

Second place goes to Death Is Late To The Party by JimmyBoyHahaJimmyBoyHaha and H F DummieH F Dummie They had 11 upvotes!

There was a tie for third place by He's Mister Red Christmas by moist breadmoist bread and General Winter by TheGreatTarbolin69TheGreatTarbolin69 ICFDICFD and SticksNTricksSticksNTricks

JoMikeJoMike has won first place in the Pumpkin Carving contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated and held such high sportsmanship in this competition. Have a Happy Halloween!

The winner of the Discord art contest is InconsitentArt does not match any existing user name! with her entry Research Division.

Research Division by Feesh




The panels choice is Ashtor3thAshtor3th with her entry Kaballic Department 1964.

Kaballic Department 1964




Welcome to the RPC Authority Second Annual Autumn Contest! Best of luck to all. 

The submission for each contest with the most upvotes will win. The winners of BOB will get bragging rights, the RPC-131 slot and a featured spot on the front page. The winners of a collaboration will also each be able to choose an article to be featured in addition to RPC-131. Those who do not win are encouraged to upload their submissions.

Voting opened on October 26th and will continued until October 31st when the winner was announced.

Black Op Buddies Submissions

Pumpkin Carving Submissions

Head over to the vote to support your favorite Pumpkin!

Black Op Buddies - Write an RPC including at least one approved/canon1 GOI in collaboration with a buddy!2 Your article must also be inspired by the following prompt. 

Make Ready for Winter: Autumn is here; since time immemorial, the season for harvest, feast, and preparation. A deep breath before the chill of winter. Write about the calm before the storm; the celebration of good things; a last breath of cooling air, before hard times.

The winner(s) of the Black Op Buddies Contest will receive the RPC-131 slot!

Pumpkin Carving - Make the most kickass pumpkin carving that you can. Face off for the pumpkin carving crown! The vote for this contest will take place on the discord, please submit your entries to CroalCroal /Coupon#1773 on discord at any time before the 25th. 

Art Contest - Along with the site contests there is the Division of Man art contest being hosted on the Discord. Join to check it out!

The Deadline 

Submission Opens: October 21st
Submission Closes: October 25th

Winners are to be announced on October 31st. 


  • Anyone is allowed to participate
  • Do not coldpost. You must receive feedback in the drafts forum
  • Wait until the submission period begins to upload your page
  • Submissions must match the theme in a justifiable way
  • Pre-existing drafts are allowed, so long as they have never been posted to the wiki
  • Edits to works are allowed
  • Anyone found using alt accounts to upvote their submissions will be disqualified and banned from entering any further contests 

To Enter

1. Write your article and get feedback on the forums. Wait until the submission period opens on the 21st to upload to the main site. 

2. Post your entry to the site with the URL "Contest:BOBContest<YourUserName>" with your site user name in place of <YourUserName.> For example, if a user named Chad were to post an entry it would have the URL This page must be posted by you or one of the collaboration partners. You must receive feedback before posting. 

3. Add the proper tag to your entry so it shows up on this page.
To enter into the Black Op Buddies Contest use the tag "BOB"

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