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Throughout history, the Authority and its allies have endured a wide range of perils and explored vast, fantastical settings. There are always anomalies to be contained, and tales to be told. Dive into the site's most extensive, collaborative efforts to bring RPC canon to life.

Contest Winner: RPC-435

The year is 1880. Still reeling from their newly found independence, the Authority rides a wave of newfound Catholicism into undiscovered territory in an attempt to tame the Last Stretch of the American Frontier. Hosted by brigands and strange individuals, a small saloon in the even smaller, newly-formed town of Tombstone, Arizona, is transformed into their makeshift base of operations…


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Contest Winner: Protection Division

Your substandard performances all around have put the Authority in an unfortunate position. We've become short on cash, and even shorter on options. Personally, I think all three of you Divisions are utter failures and none should be exempt from the inevitable budget cuts, but my term as GD-WEST is nearly up and my replacement is going to be very different. The new GDs take their positions at the beginning of February, and will be holding the final budget vote on March 16th.


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Contest Winner: Case OUVERTURE

We saw spires and towers and a dreamlike castle through rolling hills, twisting rivers and dense forests. We approached but were pushed back by strong winds, forced to land in shallow water along the shore. From the sky, we saw an island only a few thousand feet across. But from the ground, there's an entire world inside.


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Contest Winners: RPC-369 and Devourer of Sin

In 1514, the Auctoritas Imperata confiscated the art, notes, and inventions of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, during his stay in Rome. According to recovered texts, the reason for the Imperata's intervention in Da Vinci’s research was “to halt unholy actions on holy ground.” The mass confiscation of anomalous artifacts was enough to clog the Auctoritas' Imperata inner workings of containment for years. They needed outside assistance to help control these godless creations.


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Contest Winner: Dreaming of Babel

Throughout history, tales have been told of mythical cities lost to the march of time. From the floods of Noah to Ancient Persian stories, legends are universal. Irish mythology refers to a city known as Hy Brasil; the Mayans and Aztecs talk of their origins from sunken islands. Mu, Lemuria, Avalon, El Dorado: these names hold a fictitious gleam; however, once in a blue moon, the mythical becomes reality.


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At 04:37 on June 13th, 2019, a long neglected fail-safe in the depths of the underground Site-014 was activated. The resulting 5 kiloton nuclear explosion wreaked havoc on the surrounding Nevadan countryside. With the main section of the site destroyed, those who are left need to find any way that they can to endure. Who knows what the survivors will see in the irradiated wasteland that is now their home, and could be their grave.


17 Contributing Authors | 20 Writing Submissions

9 RPCs

10 Tales

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