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The Authority Central Intelligence (ACI) is an operative wing of the Authority specializing in the coordination of intelligence, counter-intelligence, cyber security, and espionage networks in and out of Authority facilities. The ACI operates in a vast network of information processing and filtration, being able to allocate and pinpoint sources containing critical data relating to Authority interests and concerns. Affiliated operatives ensure the foundational security and safety against various logistical threats, including espionage, sabotage, blackmail, and information breaches.


Embedded ACI operatives during a reconnaissance operation on the Indo-Tibetan border.

Description: The Authority Central Intelligence (ACI) is the integral body of the Authority's efforts for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information pertaining to military, government, and commercial interests. The ACI maintains both a domestic and external area of operation, allowing for its assigned operatives to track and monitor assets of various organized bodies in order to maintain an up-to-date logistics network and intake of relevant or critical information.

Personnel in the ACI primarily consist of Authority-contracted personnel, although external military or civilian functionaries may be utilized in specific circumstances. All incoming candidates are enlisted in the Operative Indoctrination Program (OIP), consisting of a training period of eight months. During the initial five months, all candidates are taught the background, framework, and purpose of the Authority and its interests. This includes establishment of specialized skills, including basic thinking, writing, and briefing skills. Coursework additionally consists of analytic tools, counterintelligence issues, denial and deception analysis, and warning skills.

Upon completion of training, graduating operatives will be assigned to a specific department within the ACI. Each department consists of a specialized function in ensuring the proficiency and punctuality of the ACI's network:

  • DEP-010: Intelligence Department
  • DEP-022: Counterintelligence Department
  • DEP-028: Science and Technology Department
  • DEP-036: Operations Department
  • DEP-039: Tactical Control Department

ACI cell operatives investigating an incident area following successful containment of RPC-███.

Newly-processed personnel are immediately placed under a probationary period of six months under the evaluation of an experienced senior operative. This period consists of said personnel's acclimation, comprehension, and enactment of their expected duties within the ACI. Routine psychological and physical evaluations are additionally performed during this time. All evaluation periods (ranging from DEP-010 through 039) are performed under identical duration and intensity.


ACI personnel relaying a dictation during a project assessment.

ACI personnel are not strictly garrisoned to specific Authority-affiliated facilities, instead permitting themselves to disseminate, both under covert or official capacities, across various locations. ACI personnel rotations additionally run under a non-fixed schedule; personnel may be recalled at any point in time in the event an assessment, debriefing, or transfer is required.

While adhering to a centralized command structure, the ACI provides substantial flexibility to its assigned operatives to ensure completion of objectives and independent decisionmaking abilities in the field. Operatives typically deploy in cells, consisting of four or five individuals, and relay collected information to an observing intelligence officer. Intelligence officers provide superior-ranking personnel information collected by subordinate operatives, relay said information to analysts for processing, and ensure the functionality and cohesion of their assigned cell.

Equipment: ACI personnel are provided equipment depending on three criteria: department the operative is currently assigned to, environment said operative is currently deployed in, and current objective being carried out by said operative. Equipment provided is adjusted relative to the aforementioned criteria in order to ensure personnel are properly equipped in order to fulfill duties/objectives as well as appropriate allocation of ACI resources. Field operatives are typically provided a concealable firearm, as well as various other utilities, to assist in the event of compromise or threat.

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