Ari's (Author) Page of Wonders

Ari's (Author) Page of Wonders

Oh. So you stumbled upon my page, whether that be through curiosity or intention, I welcome you. Here's where all of my creations— both bad and good —are stored. Enjoy.


I came about the RPC Authority when viewing a meme. Yes, a meme between "the virgin SCP" and "Chad RPC". I liked the whole premise of the Authority and came to check it out. After investing myself in the whole thing, I joined the Sandbox and Discord, and immediately went to writing. Soon, within late December, I'd written RPC-119, and then RPC-156. The latter was proven to be more successful, even earning more than ten 5-star ratings; I was very proud of this.

Soon enough, I got the role of "Writer", which was one of my prouder moments (up next to listing two articles in the same month). After giving a handful of critique to articles, I joined arms in the Criticism Team, and did a long run of critiques before going silent for a long time. This is when I fell out of the whole RPC writing thing. I'd become absorbed with some other things, but within a few months, began to write some more RPCs.


If you need me for any particular reason, you can message me here, or on Discord1!

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Note: If there's nothing under a certain title, there isn't anything that I've made with said tag. Also, I do know this probably looks stupid in terms of formatting, but I like it so hah! >:)

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