Anomaly Experimentation Team

The Anomaly Experimentation team explores the limits of each RPC and tests them for possible beneficial uses. Through our testing, we can understand and discover. Learning the capabilities and boundaries of each RPC guides our way to navigate through our world where so much is uncertain.

Testing is preformed in a multitude of ways. Equipment is provided in order to preform a multitude of different experiments, interviews, and observations. Working with both Site Security and the Engineering Department, tests can be preformed in a safe and prosperous environment. The Anomaly Experimentation Team provides valuable information to The Bureau Of Acquisition and The Office of Analysis and Science, allowing the Authority to advance as a whole.

Located across the globe, the Anomaly Experimentation Team has many different locations and opportunities. The Experimentation Team has a simple chain of command. Researcher Associates are unaware of The Authority and preform contracted research work. Researcher Associates are often contacted in order to preform non-anomalous and other medical research. Junior Researchers are in direct contact with anomalies and on permanent payroll. Senior Researchers co-ordinate Junior Researchers and communicate findings. Head Researchers co-ordinate Senior Researchers and run advancement projects.

Upon intake to the Experimentation Team, a Junior researcher will be assigned to an anomaly team based on their skills and provided with transportation to its respective site. Teams typically range from two to ten Junior Researchers working under one Senior Researcher. On arrival, Junior Researchers are informed about their assigned anomaly and are tasked to preform many different tests and observational studies on the object. Testing will always be preformed while strictly following the containment protocols outlined in the objects official documentation. Collaboration with both Site Security and the Engineering Component will make this possible. Researchers will be provided with all the equipment and resources deemed appropriate required to learn all there is to be known of their assigned anomaly. CSD personnel can be requested. The information that they learn will go on to further the RPC Authority's stance, thus furthering humanity as a whole. When Junior Researchers have displayed their valuable skills in researching their first RPC or lesser anomalous object, they may request or be chosen to be re-assigned to other anomalies. As they gain experience and contribute valuable work to The Authority, they will be assigned to more and more valuable RPC's, and eventually, they may be chosen to work as a Senior Researcher to oversee testing of their own.

Senior Researchers are chosen from exemplary and experienced Junior Researchers that have worked long and hard, showing their true worth to the Authority through discoveries. Senior Researchers in training will first be assigned to work directly alongside an established Senior Researcher for three months. After this three month evaluation period, the Researcher in training will receive either a pass or fail on their evaluation. If they receive a pass they will be promoted to a Senior Researcher and assigned an anomaly of their own based off of their strengths. If they receive a fail they will be returned to a Junior Researcher position in order to receive more experience. Once a Senior Researcher is assigned an anomaly experimentation team, they will coordinate all tests and cross-testing to be preformed by their team of Junior Researchers. They will then analyze the data discovered by the testing, and inform all appropriate Departments in both The Office of Analysis And Science, The Bureau Of Acquisition and Head Researchers. The Departments often request certain tests to be preformed on objects, it is the Senior Researchers job to ensure that these are preformed.

The top Senior Researchers are chosen to become Head Researchers. Head Researchers are in charge of multiple Senior Researchers. Head Researchers co-ordinate and run multiple projects and utilize the discoveries made by testing to further these interests. These projects all have the main goal of furthering The Authority and humanities stance. Some notable current projects include The Medical Stabilization of the Populous and National Destructive Weather Prevention. These projects integrate appropriate knowledge learned by The Authority into the public, allowing for jumps in comprehension and discoveries to be recognized and accepted in the everyday world.

Testing Logs

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