Archived Pages

Archived Pages

This hub catalogues pages that were once featured on the main site but have since been archived. You can find the specific reasons under each section. Some were replaced on the main site by an updated take on the same concept — linked when applicable.

Keep in mind that the majority of deleted pages do not get archived. Archival is determined by staff on a case-by-case basis.

Referential Integrity

These pages were flagged for deletion, normally due to low user ratings, but were saved to preserve backlinks from other pages. The contents of these are dubiously canon, as they will continue to be treated as such in these associated works.

Staff Purview

These pages were archived by staff or the Lore Team. The contents of these are generally not applicable to the current lore.

Depending on the circumstances, a lore-infringing article may instead move to non-canon.

Author Request

These pages were archived at the request of their respective authors.

Note that articles on deletion timers will be ineligible for this category; archival is not a trick to escape deletion.

Archived Hubs and Guides

These hubs and guides were archived for falling out of date, or were created for the express purpose of archiving specific content.

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