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AET Test Log - RPC-1242 - General Property Testing1

Location: Site-074
Test Subject(s): One (1) chair
Assisting Department: Department of Physics
Lead Researcher: Dr. Lukas Wagner

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The following document is a study on RPC-1242, its properties, reality of origin, and plausible scientific explanation for its anomalous properties.

This document also contains information of a newly found object similar in nature to RPC-1242, as well as an explanation for it. Despite current understanding, testing on this anomaly shall continue.

Keywords:2 RPC, Subatomic, Extra-Dimensional, etc


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The M&M section of this document will focus on 2 main aspects: A study of RPC-1242's properties at a sub-atomic level for a plausible explanation for its transmutable properties, and a study of RPC-1242's origins, if it has any.

1.0 RPC-1242's Effects on Matter3

1.1 RPC-1242's Interaction with Particles in a Sub-Atomic Level4

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Thanks to the latest developments in non-photonic recording devices, we are able for the first time in history to witness RPC-1242's effects on Sub-Atomic particles without having to worry about the uncertainty principle as a nuisance.

The following will be a line of events taking place during this test:

1- A single splinter is removed from RPC-1242's, it is then covered in tracking liquid for accurate readings using E.M.O.N.D cameras.
2- A 5 centimeter3 block of wood is placed upon the test panel.
3- A robotic arm takes a single simpler, which it then uses to puncture the woodblock at a speed of 35mph.


Upon being introduced into the test object, the splinter begins to fade away as per normal expectations. However, thanks to E.M.O.N.D cameras, we can see the true reaction taking place upon the woodblock. 3 milliseconds after puncturing, matter originating from the splinter is seen being unbounded from each other, before completely enveloping the test object.

4 milliseconds after puncturing, the object’s Coherency readings seem to take those normally associated with RPC-1242. But unlike it, the object seems to become immediately subject to the effects such a reading would cause, oscillating between signatures until stabilizing at baseline levels. However, before this can occur, the object begins to split in two as expected. Our current theories hold that thanks to RPC-1242's naturally high internal Coherency, the object reacts to the sudden change in its coherency by splitting into two similar entities (with some matter being lost due to the energy required for this process) of similar making. To be noted, 1 millisecond before creation, the wooden block appears to vanish from the test panel, as to where it went before manifesting the 2 new instances, we don’t know, as both objects lacked any type of residual anomalies.

1.2 RPC-1242's Effects on Ice Cream Flavour



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[What results and insight did you gain following this tests. Did something happen that you expected, or didn't? What do you plan on doing with the information, or what do you plan to do next?]

The results from this test have allowed us to shed new light on RPC-1242's, its effects, origins, and significance for the Authority as per the facts here present:

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More testing will be needed in regards to RPC-1242 and its origins.


[Closing words regarding the testings. Maybe a back and forth or comments between the scientists involved during this project, any other information you may want to add.]

We are ever closer to understanding RPC-1242 and the ways it could help us improve the world. While more testing will be needed, this is a great step forewards.

I think this was a stupid test and a waste of resources. - Dr. Lukas Wagner

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