An Intrusion




Several homes in the immediate vicinity of Site-014 reported a television signal interruption in the hours following the detonation on June 13th. One resident managed to record the event and the file is now held by the Authority. It can be accessed below.

Intrusion Transcript

[They] are lying to you.

Do not attempt to evacuate.

This was not [a] test.

This was not an action of your government.

This was not an accident.

At 4:37 AM, an acolyte of our order destroyed a place called "Site-014".

We engineered this.

This place was created by an organization you don't know exists, but we guarantee has more control over your life than you know.

And this place was no fortress, no barricade, no base of operations. It was a prison. A place where our enemies hoarded truths, hiding things from you, in order to control you.

With our actions, these truths are now free and roam all around you.

So we have devised a Game for you all to play.

It has one rule:


As in nature, the dangers will select only the strongest to live on, and their children will be stronger, as will their children's children, into a better future. This Game will allow you to improve yourself, to free yourself from the oppression of the modern world that has so crippled your instincts.

The man who did this is like you are now. A pawn, enslaved by the whims of people more powerful than him. Born and raised for [a] purpose he had no choice in.

We have gracious[ly] allowed you to take things into your own hands. To become something more. To evolve.

At the moment you still have a choice. You could attempt to evacuate, to follow the whims of your masters and remain blind.

But we find it unfair to play a Game when you haven't been told all the rules. So allow us to reveal an important one:

Step outside your home, and the radiation will be the least of your worries.

Happy hunting.

Notes: Several sects of the Church of Malthus have been under investigation for months in light of this revelation. Not one has had the capability nor motive required to execute a scheme on such a scale as claimed. Files have been scrubbed, so it is unknown how long Anders Sivertsen was with Malthus prior to the Gobi Campaign. What is known is that several files containing relevant information from the Church's archives were downloaded to the AEGIS system some time between 12/11/2003 and 04/01/2004. From this, one could determine that the claims made by the intruder are genuine. But for any sect of Malthus to have planned this disaster, it would have to have been done years, possibly decades in advance. At the moment, it is unknown how a small group could have orchestrated such a complex chain events.


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