An Incomplete History of the Authority


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Here's our current draft of V2/12 for the DHPS. Obviously still a work in progress, and we're waiting for the Directorate to confirm the correct mix of factuals and counterfactuals. They've been insistent that at least 15% of everything has to be completely ahistorical, which seems excessive. Anyways, let me know your thoughts, and I'll send you the complete version when those boxes from Archives and Records arrive.

They're still saying that most of the 17th and 18th-century research material is MiA after the containment breach last month, but I'll keep you posted. Most of the Postwar stuff is incomplete as well, though we've had lots of material from the AEDF people. It's been a little limited, though. You'll see.


A Brief History of the Authority


Office of Analysis and Science, Directorate for Historical and Pseudohistorical Studies

Series 2 of 12
In this pamphlet, brought to you by the OAS Directorate for Historical and Pseudohistorical Studies, you will find a succinct timeline of the history of our organization, from its first roots in the Late Middle Ages to its modern formation in the 19th century.

Be Advised: For reasons of chronological and teleological security, some or all of the events depicted in this history may be partially or completely fabricated. Contact your site's DHPS representative for more information.

The Auctoritas Impertus

The Modern Authority

The Authority in the Cold War: Expanding the High Frontier

The Contemporary Authority

Note to self: cease existing, later.
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