An Explosive Resignation

An Explosive Resignation




The following message was broadcasted from RPC Site-014 via the director's terminal at 04:26 AM and was directed towards all major GOIs.

For The Greater Good

Brothers, Sisters, Comrades in arms, for too long the Authority has held us beneath their boot. For too long, they have claimed their wish to protect us while instead oppressing us. They treat us how a man might treat his dog, something cute but ultimately harmless. Well the Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy will no longer answer to a master who thinks himself above the struggles of the average man.

The UNAAC and its "friends" are puppets of the Authority, willing to do whatever it takes for "special treatment" while ignoring the struggle of the citizens within their own borders. They care not for the hardships we must endure so long as the officials are safe. They are willing to sacrifice dozens if not hundreds of humans for the protection of a couple of high ranking officials.

It is time to stand up for our right to live in a free world, for our right to live without an omnipresent oppressor residing in the shadows. We shall throw off the chains that the RPC uses to shackle us into servitude. If we are to defeat this beast, we must all work together. whatever your alignment we must unite to break the bonds that hold us.

Together we shall become the pilots of our own destiny once more. We shall slay the demon that is the RPC and we shall build a better world from its ashes. A world where one group does not steer the destiny of all mankind. This is the beginning of the end.

The AEP shall be the first to strike a blow to the RPC monster. In minutes, a mushroom cloud will grace the skies of Nevada; in minutes an entire RPC site shall be wiped off the map. We shall show the world that we will not be subdued, that we shall no longer jump for a master pretending to be a friend. We must all be willing to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good.


Following the transmission of this message the AEP contacted the Authority with assurances that this action was committed by a rogue agent. Investigations are in progress.

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