An Elegant Dream




I wake up in a void made up of only darkness. There is nothing here but I fear this world. It’s more terrifying than anything else, it feels there’s some unknown monstrosity lurking in every single shadow… and the only thing I see are shadows.

There’s a light, a small one I can barely see in the distance. And I immediately sprint to it. I’m only driven by adrenaline, instinct, and fear. I’m trying to not look to much into the void, even looking down frightens me. I only focus on the light as if it is my god and only beacon of hope.

After years (Or was it days?) of running I finally reach the source of light. It is a large stone that towers over me. There’s no light around it, it seems to be the light itself. It’s beautiful, it’s a tribute to our saviors. With men and women carved into it at every corner with perfection. At the bottom, ragged men and women bleeding and bruised, piled up like corpses making the base, supporting the rest. None of them look like they know glee as if all they have ever experienced is suffering.

Stepping on the faces of the supposed slaves are men and women armed with weapons and clad in armor, each face only showing complete determination and loyalty to their goal. They are the peak of bravery and will. They hold up the people above them with barely any struggle, standing proud.

Above them are people clad in white coats all crouching down struggling to hold up the rest. But make no mistake the look of determination on their faces is equal to, if not greater then the warriors below.

The last group of people carved into the top of the beautiful stone are 10 black silhouettes all striking a pose like Adam in the painting detailing his creation. They all point at the shield shaped like an upside down triangle in reverence.

I can’t think, it’s completely mesmerizing. I look back down to the bottom, at the pile of live corpses and I see something that fills me with joy.

I see a hollow silhouette in my exact shape standing tall on top of the prisoners, holding up the men above. As I see it I confidently walk towards my destiny not afraid of what lurks in the dark. I take my place as the gleeful slave, as the only one smiling.

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