Alpha-1 "Angels Of Eden"







Designation: Alpha-1

Codename: "Angels of Eden"

Garrison/HQ: [REDACTED]

Role: Close Protection, Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance, Wetwork, and Command

Motto: "Quicquid Capit" (Whatever it takes)

Established: 1834

Description: As the only specialized team that provides close protection to the Directorate and designated staff, Alpha-1 is a close protection task force that solely answers to the Directorate. Alpha-1 are considered the most strict and professional task forces within the Authority due to their proficiency in varying specialties and trained to withstand constant pressure.

Due to their roles providing security protection to the Global Directors, Alpha-1 are the only elements within the organization that can overrule protocols and policies when necessary to their protection directives; which has drawn controversies amongst the lower-echelons of the Presidium. While it has been cited that Alpha-1 has at times unnecessarily overruled procedures, the Global Directorate provides immunity to those within the task force nonetheless.

In addition to their protection operations, Alpha-1 also participates in direct action and special reconnaissance at the directions of the Global Directorate. Wetwork operations within Alpha-1 are only known to those under a need-to-know basis which has piled rumors surrounding the nature of the task force. One example of which is assassinating and covering up internal whistleblowers. However, this appears to be unconfirmed.

In the event of a crisis or contingent scenario, Alpha-1 can adapt and function in a command and control structure to facilitate leadership above the divisional framework at the assumption that the Global Directorate ceases or is unable to function.

Personnel within Alpha-1 are provided with the most advanced, experimental equipment and vehicles to date, including the inclusion of the augmentation program. Members of Alpha-1 may undergo an augmentation procedure with advanced bio-modifications at a minimum capacity. However, this is only strictly mandatory to all personnel within Central Alpha-1 with the option given to other Alpha-1 elements assigned to security detail.


Formed due to fears of carried assassinations by its former adversary, the Catholic Church, Mobile Specialized Team Alpha-1 was established as one of the earliest task force entities shortly after the formation of the RPC Authority. Much like other departments in that period, Alpha-1 was severely limited in its operations.

In the periods between 1840 to 1890, Alpha-1’s budget had steadily declined due to the higher-echelons at the time believing the identity of each Global Director were kept anonymous by the loyalist authoritarians, which led to a brief peace hiatus. This brief hiatus would shortly fracture until several assassination attempts that took place at the turn of the century, resulting in the expansion of the unit. Due to uncertainty of trust amongst its members, Alpha-1 was tasked with carrying out the Directorate’s duties to which it still continues to this day.

In early twentieth century Germany, the German branch defected to the German Anomalous Research Division which prompted the Directorate to authorize Alpha-1 full autonomy to handle concerns of German agents within its ranks, controversially resulting in the ousting of [DATA EXPUNGED]. As a result, several interim members of the Directorate were appointed. In secrecy, Global Director “War” operated an augmentation program who had envisioned that “would be the new face of Authority armament.” Due to unethical implications, GD “War” deliberately failed to inform the rest of the Directorate.

Following the defeat of Germany and the subsequent introduction of the Regional representatives, Alpha-1 was commended for its counterintelligence and wetwork activity during the war. Before dissolving, Global Director “War” acknowledged the existence of the controversial augmentation program to the Directorate. Despite its controversy, it was hailed as an unexpected success and was authorized to continue as an official, experimental aspect of Alpha-1 although placed on hiatus until the 1950s.

Taskforce Composition


Central Alpha-1

  • Alpha 1 is the primary task force hierarchy that acts as the tactical operations command and provides intelligence, tactical, strategic, and security support. Unlike other Alpha-1 elements, Central are the only ones providing security protection to the Divisional representatives.

    Currently, Central Alpha-1’s headquarters is [REDACTED].


Northern Command Alpha-1-1 (“Devil’s Hand”)


Southern Command Alpha-1-2 (“Goat Killers”)


Western Command Alpha 1-3 (“Schrodinger’s Cat”)


Eastern Command Alpha 1-4 (“Black Witch”)


Africa Command Alpha 1-5 (“Zulu Forces”)


Eurasia Command Alpha 1-6 (“Genie’s Wishes”)


Asia Command Alpha 1-7 (“Imperial Forces”)


Oceania Command Alpha 1-8 (“Davy Jones”)


Antarctica Command Alpha 1-9 (“Drake’s Expedition”)

Completed Operations


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