Growth Tube




Anomaly #: 405
Code Name: Growth Tube
Tier: Med
Anomaly Type(s): Object, Regenerative, Mechanical, Humanoid/Creation
Hazards: ANOM-00
Departments involved: Dept. of Humanoid Anomalies, Dept. of Sales and Profits
Discovery: Purchased from GEAR, 2024

Description: AEP-405 is a cylindrical tube made of an unidentifiable glass-like material. AEP-405 is 2 meters tall, has a diameter of 1 meter, and is filled with an unknown green liquid that contains various proteins and DNA molecules. AEP-405 has a metallic plate-like structure attached to its top and bottom with various LEDs and esoteric symbols visible. AEP-405 has adept self-repairing capabilities, being able to repair any inflicted damage to itself without human interaction. The methods by which this is accomplished is unknown to the Association.

A computer terminal is connected directly to AEP-405. This terminal is capable of sending information to AEP-405 which allows any operating personnel to customize the next AEP-405-A instance that will be created. Additionally, operating personnel are able to cause AEP-405 to undergo a creation event.

During a creation event, the terminal connected to AEP-405 will be inaccessible. And various esoteric symbols and readings will be displayed on the terminal instead. The meaning of all symbols displayed on the terminal is known to the Association. A varying amount of time (minimum of 4 hours maximum of 2 months) after the beginning of a creation event an instance of AEP-405-A will break out from AEP-405. This causes damage to AEP-405, which is promptly reverted by its self-repairing properties.

Instances of AEP-405-A are human subjects with various animal features/organs attached to or in-place of human features/organs and have various anomalous abilities. AEP-405-A are generated with memories of a specific human; the physical traits of AEP-405-A do not require an identical match to the person who contained these memories prior. All of AEP-405-A's features and anomalous abilities can be customized using the terminal attached to AEP-405.

Maintenance Protocols: AEP-405 is kept within a high-value object containment unit within Facility-014. AEP-405 is to be supplied with constant power from a 120v outlet, which is powered by the main facility generator. Only specially trained personnel are to be assigned to maintaining AEP-405. These personnel are not to allowed to disclose any information regarding AEP-405 to personnel that work on maintaining other components.

No less than 2 security guards are to be stationed outside of AEP-405's storage unit at any time, and at least 4 are to remain inside of AEP-405's storage unit.

AEP-405-A instances are to be enclosed in standard humanoid containment units, with modifications made according to their specific needs. AEP-405-A instances are to be made aware that they are allowed to make a request for objects (within reason).

Value Assessment: AEP-405 has proven to be an extremely valuable asset for the association. As Association assets have been able to create AEP-405-A instances that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks. This has allowed the Association to create specialist task forces that are able to compete with Authority forces.

The sale of specific AEP-405-A instances to friendly GOIs/POIs, for the purpose supplementing funds, may be authorized at the discretion of the acting AEP-405 Manager. All AEP-405-A instances that are created for sale must lack any anomalous properties outside of the instances' physical appearance.


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