Room Service




Anomaly #: 017
Code Name: Room Service
Tier: High
Anomaly Type(s): Chemical
Hazards: MEM-02
Departments involved: Chemical Research Dept.
Discovery: █████████, California

Description: AEP-017 is a hotel located in █████████, California. Visually, the building is of mundane masonry construction, though it appears poorly-maintained, having been abandoned at an unknown point in the past. There are ███ interior rooms which are still structurally sound, each with a near-identical floor plan. Architectural and municipal records show the building was constructed in 18██. At some point since being abandonned, each room has been fitted with a ██████-brand flat-panel LED television and modern magnetic key-card locks.

Upon entering AEP-017, subjects report feeling somewhat uneasy, although they are unable to explain why. Particulate matter is visibly present in the air within the structure, in the form of a previously unknown airborne fungus. This fungus appears to be a close relative of ascomycete ██████. AEP-017 contains approximately 25 separate humanoid entities, designated AEP-017-01. Visitors entering the structure will be met by AEP-017-01 instances which lead them to the front desk. If they comply with AEP-017-01, they will subsequently be taken to a randomly-selected hotel room and issued with a magnetic key-card which unlocks the door to that room.

Upon prolonged exposure to the interior of their assigned room, subjects will recite the phrases, "I feel as if I've always lived here. I really want to be here." Immediately afterwards, the subject will begin to suffer increasing memory loss, and will actively resist any attempts to remove them from the structure. Notably, subjects only lose memories from before their first entry into AEP-017.

Addendum [███]-(004):

There appears to be some sort of communications barrier between the interior of AEP-017 and the outside. We aren't able to reach any of the personnel currently inside- this thing blocks the whole electromagnetic spectrum, somehow. I want an ART to check this out as soon as possible. Our teams can go in and out as they please, but it's difficult to manage an operation when all our people have to be tethered just to get an audio feed in or out.
— Dr. Schroedinger

Maintenance Protocols: AEP-017 is located approximately 100 kilometers away from the I-15 highway, in the state of California. AEP-017 is to be fully enclosed by a six-meter concrete wall, topped with barbed wire. All roads leading towards AEP-017, and the small town of █████████, have been rerouted. Due to the anomalous nature of AEP-017, all personnel are forbidden entry without written permission from the U.S. Southwest Regional Manager.

All personnel attempting to enter AEP-017 are to be detained for questioning, before being amnesticized and driven back to ███ ██████ and released. If at any time an instance of AEP-017-01 attempts to leave the enclosure area, they are to be restrained. If they resist, lethal force is authorized.
Value Assessment: N/A


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