Iron Key




Anomaly #: 010
Code Name: Iron Key
Tier: Low
Anomaly Type(s): Transport, Object, Dimensional
Hazards: DIM-01
Departments involved: Dept. of Extradimensional Affairs
Discovery: ███████ Oregon, 1978

Description: AEP-010 is a key constructed from a mixture of chemically-unidentifiable metals. The item possesses an extremely high rigidity despite its low density (0.94g/cm3). Research is currently underway into duplicating this metal for Association use, though reproduction of the materials involved has proven unsuccessful. AEP-010's primary anomalous feature presents itself when used on any door with a working locking mechanism that accepts a conventionally-shaped key of the same approximate dimensions as AEP-010. A door unlocked and opened with the aid of the item will instead lead into an extradimensional space designated AEP-010-01. Upon using AEP-010 to open a door with a broken lock, [DATA EXPUNGED].

AEP-010-01 varies in appearance based on what type of door AEP-010 is used to open, however, all instances of AEP-010-01 observed thus far can best be described as maze-like, with distorted and confusing internal geometry. Upon entrance to AEP-010-01, individuals will immediately exhbit increased susceptibility to fear, panic and nervousness. Despite said feelings, individuals will feel mildly compelled to continue to explore AEP-010, usually becoming lost within the maze-like space.

AEP-010-01 is devoid of all life down to the microbial level, save for a single hostile entity designated AEP-010-02. The exact nature of this entity is unclear, save that it will aggressively hunts any individuals that enter AEP-010-01. It possesses either an anomalously low surface albedo or an ability to disrupt light, making direct observation and photography difficult. The entity demonstrates considerable intelligence, as it will actively attempt to misdirect, frighten and disorient its prey before capturing them using some form of natural paralytic. It is unclear exactly what happens to individuals captured by AEP-010-02.

AEP-010 was discovered after the reported disappearance of 9 individuals in ███████ Oregon. An ART was deployed to the area and discovered the lost individuals had each used AEP-010, discarding it before entering AEP-010-01. The ART acquired AEP-010 and moved it to its current containment area on Site-3.

Maintenance Protocols: AEP-010 is to be stored in a titanium-alloy box located at Site-3 inside Secure Locker-5. Tests involving AEP-010 with a duration of longer than 24 hours are strictly prohibited. Tests must be ended upon subject termination.

Exploration Logs:

Value Assessment: While AEP-010-02 is hostile, it has been suggested that we use AEP-010-01 as a disposal method for particularly hard to destroy materials/entities/anomalies. In addition, further expeditions into AEP-010-01 may yield useful materials.


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