Arctic Sludge




Anomaly #: 009
Code Name: Arctic Sludge
Tier: Critical
Anomaly Type(s): Biological, Chemical
Hazards: CHEM-04
Departments involved: Chemical Research Dept.
Discovery: ██████, ██████

Description: AEP-009 is a colony of independent cellular entities taking on the appearance of unrefined petroleum. The substance bears no chemical resemblance to petroleum. AEP-009 samples appear to naturally seek out petroleum in both a refined and unrefined state as a medium in which to hibernate. Hibernation periods show no discernable maximum limit, and it is currently theorized that some samples of AEP-009 have been in hibernation since the early Mesozoic Era. AEP-009 colonies are highly flammable despite their chemical differences from petroleum, which has aided in containment efforts.

AEP-009 was first discovered (and subsequently contained) in ████ on a newly-built offshore oil drilling platform constructed by the ███████ █████████ Corporation ██km offshore of ██████, ██████. Initial recovery was carried out by A.R.T. Task Force Arctica-5. Immediate reports detailed the loss of the entire platform's crew. Arctica-5 resorted to sinking the oil platform after sealing off every extraction pipe and incinerating all instances of AEP-009 and affected organisms (Further designated as AEP-009-A) onboard. The ███████ █████████ Corporation has since been acquired by the Association as a cover group.

Following initial containment, other instances of AEP-009 were reported and contained. Modelling of AEP-009 habitats and petroleum sources revealed that the entity's area of inhabitation could in theory include the entire Arctic Ocean. While the AEP has made political attempts through the UNAAC to discourage arctic oil exploration, the extent of current containment involves the use of Association plants on arctic oil extraction facilities to identify and neutralize AEP-009 colonies before they spread.

Addendum 1A: AEP-009 has undergone one major outbreak since its discovery. On ██/██/████, extracted colonies of AEP-009 breached containment in Deep Research Site ███. A.R.T. Task Force Arctica-5 failed to retake Deep Research Site ███. G5-03 authorized the detonation of on-site nuclear warheads, neutralizing all instances of AEP-009.

Addendum 1B: During Deep Research Site ███'s containment breach, AEP-009 showed growing signs of intelligence as it expanded in volume and mass. Instances of AEP-009-A exercised high levels of intelligence, including verbal communication with other AEP-009-A instances. Noted signs of intellect also include AEP-009 and AEP-009-A mimicking ensnared humans and cries for help to lure further victims.

On-site cameras recorded living and deceased human individuals being gathered by AEP-009 and AEP-009-A instances. Victims were infected with AEP-009, with injured or non-functional body parts replaced by masses of AEP-009, dismembered body parts, or even organs removed from other living victims. Those living victims infected by AEP-009 were noted to remain alive and apparently conscious despite gross bodily trauma.

Addendum 2: AEP-009 has been determined to be a major threat as of the events of Review Log 009-01. AEP-009 research is now on indefinite standby.

Maintenance Protocols: Due to complete containment of all instances of AEP-009 being deemed impossible; all non-Association petroleum and deep-sea expeditions north of ███° in the Arctic Ocean are to be infiltrated by Association personnel. Individuals or groups who expose AEP-009 instances are to be given Grade-A amnestics or terminated as the situation requires.

Any recovered instance of AEP-009 is to be destroyed via incineration immediately. Any handling of AEP-009 is prohibited for personnel not wearing hazardous biological materials handling equipment rated Level A. Under no circumstances is AEP-009 allowed to make contact with organic material. Failure to neutralize non-contained instances of AEP-009 may result in an NK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

Quarantine is administrated by Site 789 in Northern Greenland following the destruction of a Deep Research Site ███. Quarantine is to be carried out by multiple outposts throughout the Arctic Ocean.
Value Assessment: AEP-009 colonies naturally contain a variety of impurities and intruded materials dating from their original formation, including animal tissue samples and geological specimens. Despite their risk, bacterial colonies can provide valuable insight into the biology, ecology and geological conditions of the Mesozoic Era.


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