Space Access




Anomaly #: 002
Code Name: Space Access
Tier: Med
Anomaly Type(s): Dimensional
Hazards: DIM-00
Departments involved: Dimensional Research Dept. and the Association Extraplanetary Exploration (AEE) Dept.
Discovery: ██████, Saudi Arabia

Description: AEP-002 is a large hole that appears to be connected to a crater on the moon of Jupiter known as Iocaste. AEP-002 has an area of 400m2 and a depth of 5,912km. Objects thrown through emerge from Iocaste’s crater, designated AEP-002-A, at immense speeds.

Another anomalous quality of AEP-002 is the absence of a vacuum effect that should naturally occur between Earth's environment and AEP-002. It is theorized that an unseen barrier is projected that prevents diffusion of gases into the vacuum of AEP-002-A. Additionally, cosmic radiation has been seen entering through AEP-002-A, but never reaching Earth. It is unknown what happens to the cosmic radiation that enters through AEP-002-A.

AEP-002 was discovered by Association agents investigating reports of a large sinkhole forming near the ██████ Ruins. Reports of the sinkhole were intercepted and eye witnesses were drugged with multiple antihistamines to induce memory loss and returned to their home. Site-SE1 was established to contain and study AEP-002. Due to AEP-002’s proximity to the ██████ Ruins, it was believed that AEP-002 was an incursion into our reality by AEP-███. The Association discovered AEP-002’s properties when a TS-Class personnel equipped with a video camera was sent in to investigate. The TS-Class personnel was given material to descend into AEP-002, but lost his footing and fell through AEP-002. The Association regained the connection with the TS-Class through the feed in his video camera. Footage showed that AEP-002 was moving away from a large gas giant determined to be Jupiter.

Several tests later revealed AEP-002’s usefulness to the Association. The Association Extraplanetary Exploration (AEE) Department was established on ██/██/████ and a team of fifthteen personnel were sent into a Mk. I Fall Class Vessel. The vessel was constructed with Mk. I Halt Engines to slow the vessel down once it exited through AEP-002-A. The vessel was dropped into AEP-002 and reached a speed of [DATA REMOVED]. Once the vessel exited through AEP-002-A, the crew activated the Halt Engines which successfully slowed down the vessel. The vessel was turned around toward the area around AEP-002-A. During the vessel’s landing on Iocaste, the crew attempted to activate the Halt Engines, but the engines did not respond entirely causing the vessel to impact with Iocaste costing the lives of five personnel.

Though the landing was not successful, the personnel proceeded with their mission and proceeded to construct Site-SA1 around the vessel and AEP-002-A. AEP-002 has been a major asset in the Association’s advances into space.

Additional: Expedition Log
On ██/██/████, a planned resupply of Site-SA1 was to be conducted. A crew of eight personnel were sent on board to provide maintenance to the resupply vehicle. Cameras were placed on the exterior of the vehicle to provide a first hand look at the drop through AEP-002. The following is footage and recordings were taken from the ship and its personnel:

Maintenance Protocols: AEP-002 is kept within containment with Site-SE1. Site-SE1 is to be staffed by 105 armed personnel, 75 research staff, and 55 TS-Class personnel. Site-SE1 and Site-SA1 must be provided with new material and supplies to maintain both sites operational. The Association Extraplanetary Exploration (AEE) Department is to be stationed at the Site-SE1.

Value Assessment: AEP-002 has proven to be an extremely valuable asset for the Association. Due to the fact that groups of interests such as the RPC Authority, Project BlueBook, the Iron Initiative, PCAAO, OESA, and UNAAC denying the Association access to space, AEP-002 has become a major card up our sleeve in our goals. AEP-002 has allowed the Association to contain, retrieve, and terminate extraterrestrial anomalies that would prove to be beneficial to detrimental to the Association’s operations.


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