A Report On The History Of Ectoplasm & Spirits





Ectoplasm: A Report on the History of Ectoplasm & Spirits

Harrison Gomez, Allison Li, Noah Park, Samuel Smith

Departments Involved: Chemistry Department, Theistic Department, Department of Occult Concerns, and the Directorate for Historical and Pseudohistorical Studies

Date: 12th of June, 2021


The following document will give a summary of the element known as Ekton and the compound Ectoplasm. It will go over their histories and discoveries made involving it. Examples of entities composed of the substance known as ectoplasm will also be shown at the conclusion of the article.

Keywords: Ekton, Ectoplasm, Apparition, Ghost, Spirit


Ekton is a non-synthetic chemical element with the atomic number of ███ and its defining symbol of Ek. Ekton can be found in abundance throughout the universe but it can also be created through alchemical processes. It is a member of the alemental group1 of elements. Ekton is capable of bonding with a wide variety of elements to form various anomalous compounds. The element is highly reactive and an oxidizing agent.

Ekton exhibits an anomalous property once bonded with another element. The resulting compounds will exhibit a form of semi-corporeality2. Compounds containing the element appear to exhibit minor paranatural properties. Experimentation with identical Ekton bonded compounds show inconsistent properties. The following are some examples of the inconsistent properties found via repeated experimentation on SiEk (Silicon Monoekton):

  • Compound Uncertainty: The momentum and position of the compound cannot be simultaneously determined and is subject to change upon observation.
  • Ekton Physicality: The Ekton bonded compound loses its semi-corporeality and becomes fully corporeal.

On Earth, Ekton is most abundant in the form of carbon-bonded compounds. These compounds are defined as Carbon-Ekton Organic Compounds, but are generically referred to as “Ectoplasm” by the larger paranormal community.

Note: It is a misconception to call all Carbon-Ekton Organic Compounds as “Ectoplasm”. Ectoplasm (CH8Ek) is a Carbon-Ekton Organic Compound that is usually found making up the form of various spiritual entities. Ectoplasm is therefore one of many Carbon-Ekton Organic Compounds.

Ectoplasm is the most abundant form of a Carbon-Ekton Organic Compound found on Earth. Ectoplasm can be found dispersed throughout the bodies of living organisms across the planet. Humans tend to have a higher concentration of Ectoplasm than other known animals with an average of 1.██ mol. When an organism ceases all life functions, an alchemical reaction typically seen documented within the Chinese Alchemy of Waidan3 occurs, causing the ectoplasm within the body to condense. This phenomenon is known as Post-Mortem Condensation. Post-Mortem Condensation will result in one of the following two results:

  • Ectoplasmic Disappearance: All ectoplasm within a living creature disappears post condensation.
  • Ectoplasmic Apotheosis: The post condensation ectoplasm has not disappeared and has morphed into an entity. This entity may or may not resemble the form of the deceased organism.

While the location of the resulting Ectoplasm post Ectoplasmic Disappearance is unknown, researchers of the Prometheus Primogenitus and the Congregance hypothesize that the compound carries the “soul” or “spirit” of a subject to the afterlife. The occurrence of Ectoplasmic Apotheosis is rare, but it has been most frequently documented among human beings. Humans are most likely to achieve Ectoplasmic Apotheosis upon death by meeting one or several of the following criteria:

  • Being the victim of a brutal death
  • Feelings of great regret
  • Feelings of great loss

These criteria are not objective and various other reasons for Ectoplasmic Apotheosis have occurred. Laymen often refer to entities created by an Ectoplasmic Apotheosis as "ghosts" or "spirits". Such terms are not accurate since "ghosts" and "spirits" are often depicted to be the literal manifestations of an entity's soul; evidence suggests ectoplasmic entities are rather hypostatic in nature, with both a physical form and incorporeal consciousness.

Ectoplasmic entities tend to vary in size, intelligence, and capabilities. While some show signs of sapience and are capable of communicating with Authority personnel, others appear to lack any form of sentience.

Ectoplasmic Entities of non-human origin have also been found in abundance throughout the universe. Currently, there is no objective classification system for these types of entities4. There may be different standards for containment and offensive measures against these entities than for ectoplasmic entities that originate from Earth.


Since the dawn of humanity, our ancestors have claimed to witness apparitions of those long passed. These ghosts, spirits, and apparitions have haunted humanity throughout its long history. Some cultures describe these entities as passive and ephemeral, while others describe them as hostile and physical.

There are many references to these entities found all over the world. They have always been seen as something that is mysterious and ephemeral, sometimes dangerous; but its been found that humanity’s curiosity for these spirits started from the days of the first civilizations.

On the 4th of January, 1995, archeologists stationed at OL-Site-DS074 (“The Mesopotamian Ritual Site”), an excavation site which had unearthed a Mesopotamian place of worship for the god Nergal, discovered a broken ritual used to conjure spirits of the dead. Authority thaumaturgist, Dr. Ali Nasheed, discovered the remains of several broken thaumaturgic mechanisms that were used to manifest the dead.

Similar sites have been found all around the world hailing from Norte Chico to the Indus River Valley civilization. Humanity had attempted to contact the dead for ages, but no insights into their nature could be made until 1894.

On the 1st of February, 1894, three scientists would seemingly do the impossible. Alchemist Fredrick Mann, alongside Professor Charles R. Richet and Dark Arts Practitioner Maryann Miller would successfully contain the spirit of Miller’s ex-husband and extract a piece of its matter for study. Mann and Richet would discover the properties of this spirit-matter over the course of seven months. In addition to discovering how to transform the matter from an incorporeal state to a physical state using several alchemical techniques, they also discovered its chemical composition.

They discovered that the matter was composed of carbon, hydrogen, and a previously undiscovered element. Fredrick Mann would dubbed the element “Ekton” after the Greek word ektos5. Professor Charles R. Richet would soon after coin the term “Ectoplasm” to describe the Ekton-based compound extracted from the spirit. He would go on to postulate that a majority of spiritual entities were composed of Ectoplasm.

The group's discoveries would earn them recognition among the paranatural community of the time. Alchemist Fredrick Mann would later join the Authority to further his research on spiritual matters. Professor Charles R. Richet went on to publicize the term ectoplasm, but was met with criticism from the skeptic community. Mrs. Miller would go missing two months after the end of their group's work; her whereabouts are still unknown to this day.

This advancement in understanding the dead aided the Authority and the greater paranormal community in devising ways of containing and interacting with spirits. One method, invented by Fredrick Mann during his time working with the Authority, was the Physicalizer Cell. The Physicalizer Cell was a 5 x 5 meter containment chamber that utilized a conductive alchemical gas and several thaumaturgic sigils to create a reaction that would corporealize all ectoplasmic based incorporeal entities within it. These containment chambers would require many resources to keep operational and would later be phased out by newer containment procedures.

On the 10th of March, 1970, the Authority would establish the Deep Scan Radio Telescope Observatory, also known as Site-R05, to locate potential anomalies outside the solar system. The site was outfitted with various paratechnologies to enhance and extend its capabilities.

During a routine scan of the star AAO-8 A (Viper) and its orbiting planets, the telescope detected signs of Ekton from the planet Viper C. Viper C appeared to have a higher ratio of Ekton based compounds than other chemical compounds detected on the planet. Authority researchers theorized that the detection of Ekton on a planet far from Earth indicated that a form of life may exist upon Viper C. Concerns were raised alongside this theory due to the fact Viper C had been theorized to be an Earth-like planet, with an almost identical chemical composition to Earth. The detection of high concentrations of Ekton-based compounds within the planet led researchers to theorize that all life upon Viper C had gone extinct.

Upon further observation, many more planets with similar conditions to Viper C were discovered. Venus, which has been discovered to have had life at some point, exhibited similar Ekton concentrations to that of the planet Viper C.

The telescope also made the discovery of the Dead Stars, also known as RPC-███. The Dead Stars are believed to be the remains of a previously gargantuan race of star sized organisms that roamed the universe during its early periods. Currently, the Dead Stars are stationary spheres of ekton and hydrogen that burn and act like regular stars. A majority of Dead Stars appear to be in a corporeal state and exhibit a gravitational pull that allows for the formation of planets and other astronomical objects to form and orbit the anomalies. The Dead Stars in an incorporeal state appear to drift through the universe aimlessly and exhibit zero gravitational pull.

The discovery of all these spiritual entities within our universe lead to the site director of Site-R05 to say the following:

We live in a dead universe with very little life remaining, but the universe is not silent. The souls of life long gone scream at us. Our universe is haunted.

Anomalies & Spirits

The following are examples of spiritual anomalies currently contained by the Authority. The following RPCs have been edited for viewing for personnel with level 2 clearance.

Registered Phenomenon Code: ███

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Containment Protocols: RPC-███ is contained within a physicalizer cell within Site-002. Authority alchemists and engineers are to run a bi-weekly maintenance check on the containment device of RPC-███. Experimentation with RPC-███ requires authorization from Level 4 clearance personnel.

Description: RPC-███ is a sapient semi-corporeal ectoplasmic entity that resembles the late Sarah T. Miller. ███ is capable of exhibiting a memetic effect that causes individuals to not be able to perceive it. This effect is only active when a subject is within a two meter radius of RPC-███.

RPC-███ is highly aggressive to all human life. When RPC-███ spots a human subject, it will enter a rage state and its matter will become fully corporeal. The entity will then proceed to assault the human subject until the subject is terminated. RPC-███ will relentlessly pursue its victim until the subject has been neutralized.

[For further information access the RPC-███ document.]

Registered Phenomenon Code: ███

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Containment Protocols: Authority agents are to monitor the I-██ for signs of RPC-███-A instances. Currently, the Authority is in a legal conflict with the United States over ownership of the anomaly site.

Description: RPC-███ is a mass of incorporeal matter composed of ectoplasm. RPC-███ encompasses a one kilometers area of interstate ██ (I-██). The mass appears to be stationary and inert unless a vehicle travels upon the interstate at a speed of 112 kph or higher. Once a subject travels upon interstate ██ at these speeds and enters the mass of RPC-███, RPC-███-A will manifest.

RPC-███-A are corporeal entities composed of the surrounding ectoplasm that resembles faceless infantrymen of the first continental army upon horseback. RPC-███-A instances will coordinate to attempt to slow down the speeding subject. Once the speeding subject has been slowed down to a speed lower than 112 kph or exits the mass of RPC-███, all RPC-███-A instances will demanifest.

[For further information access the RPC-███ document.]

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