Object Number: 109

Containment Requirements: High

Risk Assessment: Active Use

Utilization Procedure: An original copy of A-109 is to be stored in a solid-state drive held within a lead-lined high-value object protection locker. This copy is only to be removed from its storage unit in the event that the current production copy of A-109 becomes too damaged for continued use. In this event a copy of the original A-109 is to be made, and transferred into a separate storage device, then the original is to be returned to its protection unit.

The production copy of A-109 is to remain in Facility-004 at all times, and the transportation of new production copies to Facility-004 is considered to be of the highest priority. When a new production copy of A-109 is transported to Facility-004, all current A-109-A printings are to be completed, but no new printings are to be started. Following the completion of all A-109-A printings in progress, the current production copy of A-109 is to be replaced by the new production copy. Then the old production copy is to be stored for archiving/research purposes.

Additionally, In the event that any A-109-A instances deviate from baseline behavioral patterns, they are to be captured and interrogated. Additionally, the production copy of A-109 used for the printing of the defective A-109-A instance is to be immediately replaced, and all active A-109-A instances made using that production copy are to undergo a rigorous psychological/loyalty exam to verify intelligence integrity.

Mass Usage Protocol: A-109

Designated Title: A-109-A Production Core v1.5.2 (APC v1.5.2)

Description: The APC is part of a 3d printing production facility designated as Facility-004. The APC itself is made of 3 distinct components the printing floor, the control room, and the material feed.

The printing floor is made up of 64 industrial grade 3d printers, with a base of 1m by 1m and a height of 2m. Each of theses printers is powered by the onsite power generator, and is capable of printing 1 A-109-A instances every 96 hours when provided the required amount of material.

The control room overlooks both the printing floor and the material feed and is required to be staffed by at least 4 personnel at all times. This room contains all of the controls for the material feed and the printing floor. Additionally, the control room holds the production copy of A-109 which allows for the printing of A-109-A.

The material feed consists of an internal facility loading bay, which allows for the quick transport of printing materials to the APC. The material feed uses 8 type-X9 electric motors in order to power the feeding spools. Airtight tubes with internal roller wheels act as conduits for the material as it is being fed to the printing floor. This allows the material feed to provide an uninterrupted flow of material to the printing floor.

Functionality: The APC acts as a means for us to quickly replace or expand our numbers in the event of an emergency. Additionally, it allows us to quickly replace essential combat assets in a timely manner.

During regular operation, the APC is used to provide temporary replacement for casualties while a permanent replacement is being found. This allows us to re-establish containment on dangerous anomalous objects, even after major containment breaches.

Description: A-109 is a 1.2TB computer program named "gear_waifu.obj" which was developed from a different anomalous object. When launched A-109 will produce a 3D model resembling a human female of European decent with short hair, the colour of this entity's eyes and hair vary between openings of the program as well as the body type, height, and hairstyle. This model wears what appears to be standard GEAR tactical gear, similar to that used by our Security Forces.

The anomalous properties of A-109 only manifest when a multi-colour 3D printer is used to print the .obj file A-109 produces. After printing is complete, the object printed will be designated as an instance of A-109-A and will become animate beginning to wander from its site of printing. A-109-A, despite being made of plastic, is identical in appearance to a baseline human female. A-109-A instances are sapient, and will behave in a manner similar to baseline human females with the following exceptions:

  • A-109-A do not have names after printing, and names must be assigned to newly printed instances.
  • A-109-A instances display knowledge and abilities akin to that of persons that undergo special forces training.
  • A-109-A instances are completely loyal to GEAR and our goals and are willing to obey any orders given by their superiors, or an individual with Type-B clearance or above. However, instances are able to be instructed to only follow orders from specific individuals.
  • A-109-A are printed knowing English and or anyone other language. A-109-A can also learn additional languages through traditional language courses.

Despite being printed out of plastic A-109-A instances require food, water, and oxygen typical to that of an adult female. Additionally, the body armor printed with A-109-A instances behaves much the same as traditional Kevlar body armor, despite its plastic composition.

Addendum.1: Recovery

A-109 was developed from A-108, an anomalous object that was recovered from a Kabushiki Kawaii facility.


Object Number: 108

Containment Requirements: Low

Risk Assessment: Low

Containment Procedures: A-108 is to be held in a standard high-value object locker, and can be accessed by authorized personnel.

Description: A-108 is a 732GB program named "waifu.obj" when launched A-108 will prompt the user to enter various pieces of information in a screen asking the user to, "Customize your waifu." After the user has entered this information a .obj file containing a caricatured female anime character1 will open, designated as A-108-1.

When an A-108-1 is printed using a multi colour 3d printer, the resulting object will animate. Animate A-108-1, designated as A-108-2, are capable of understanding spoke language and speaking in any languages designated by the user during the "creation" phase. The attitudes, knowledge possessed, mannerisms, size, breast size, hair colour, hair style, clothing, and behavior of A-108-2 are all able to be controlled via the A-108 interface.

Discovery/Recovery Log: A-108 was recovered when GEAR Proactive Security Forces were dispatched to raid a Kabushiki Kawaii facility after discovering that the blacklisted para-company had managed to illegally acquired and used 12 GEAR Human Development Devices. Additionally, this raid served as part of a larger operation to prevent Kabushiki Kawaii from expanding in conjunction with the rising popularity of anime in the west.


Advanced Research/Development Log: A-108

Written Report:

The first thing we did while looking into ways to modify A-108, was to make a duplicate of the anomaly. Due to the large size of the file, this took approximately 2 days.

Our first goal while examining the copy of A-108 was to figure out how to change the proportions of the A-108-1 produced to resemble a baseline human female. This was unable to be achieved via standard use of the A-108 interface and required the modification of various assets within the file. The modified files include all the example assets that A-108 uses as a baseline to generate the A-108-1, the files that are used by A-108 to create the personality of A-108-1, and the files that allow A-108 to determine if it has been tampered with.

Because of all the customization options that A-108 had for every aspect of the A-108-1 instances, we were able to create a program that would auto-generate A-108-1 instances that would already be wearing clothing that would prove useful to GEAR. We then integrated this program into the A-108 copy proper and made it such that the program would auto-launch when A-108 was launched.


Due to the extreme differences between our modification and the baseline A-108, we are designating our modification as A-109. Additionally, our modifications increased the file size of A-108 from 732GB to 1.2TB. Which is significantly larger than the original anomaly.

Verdict: Successful

Note from the CEO

Kabushiki Kawaii have always had a knack for not knowing what they make is capable of. With A-109/A-108 GEAR will be able to drastically reduce the amount of people that we put in dangerous positions for the sake of containing our anomalies. This will not only reduce casualties, but it will also significantly reduce labor costs in relation to the containment of anomalous objects.

- The CEO


Para-Company Sales: Orientation

Regarding Kabushiki Kawaii

Before we begin your orientation, us at GEAR would like to congratulate you on your promotion. We know that you must've worked extremely hard to get to where you are, and we would like to acknowledge that.

If you are getting the orientation papers in order, then you may be wondering why we aren't telling you about your job, or how to do it, in this document. That is because this is pretty much the same as your previous position in individual para-sales, except on a larger scale. But the more important reason is because we need to make sure that all of our employees that can communicate and sell product to para-companies knows this next bit of information: Don't sell or purchase anything from the para-company known as Kabushiki Kawaii.

Now you may be confused as to why this is the case, and that is to be expected. Considering the types of things that you may know about, the fact that GEAR draws the line at doing business with a specific para-company might be shocking. So we will outline a list of official reasons as to why we don't do business with Kabushiki Kawaii. If an UNAAC agent or official asks you about GEAR doing business with Kabushiki Kawaii, you will read them off this list as to why we don't:

  • Kabushiki Kawaii is an inhumane company that doesn't follow basic morals.
  • Known to be involved in human trafficking.
  • Known to force physical alterations on unwilling subjects.
  • Is unprofitable to do business with.

However, none of the reasons on the above list is why we do not do business with them. The reason that we don't do business with Kabushiki Kawaii is as follows: They know how to target those of us on top.

Now if you ever get in contact with an individual claiming to be from Kabushiki Kawaii remain calm and use one of the four following methods:

  • Tell them that company policy prevents you from doing business with them.
  • Inform them that you are not allowed to communicate with Kabushiki Kawaii employees.
  • Don't respond.
  • Report the contact to UNAAC officials (not recommended outside of repeated attempts)

This makes the end of your orientation on Para-Company Sales. As long as you use your common sense, and communicate with those who you need information from. You will find that this is one of the best positions in GEAR.

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