Paranoia Blacklight





This document was provided to the Authority during a trade negotiation with GEAR. The anomaly was never traded and is still owned by GEAR.

Object Number: A-056

Containment Requirements: Low

Danger Level: Low

Description: The item is, in appearance and function, a standard ███-███ Crime Scene UV light. However, the item's anomalous properties reveal themselves whenever the item is shone with the goal of using it for it's intended purposearound a crime scene of any type, particularly those of a violent or sexual nature. The item causes a manifestation of erroneous, often threatening messages and evidence only visible under a UV lamp. As of the writing of this description, there is no proposed patterns behind As of ██/██/████ there are multiple proposed theories on what will elicit specific types of responses. The secondary anomalous effect will occur if the same user uses the item on a separate crime scene within approximately 48 72 hours. When this happens, the item will cause a similar manifestation of evidence, however, said messages will become more personal and direct in nature, and relating to the previous crimes, often implying that the victims were linked to the user of the item.

After the activation of the secondary effect, the continued use of the item will cause a rapid escalation in the severity and commonality of the threats. In addition, the object will begin to affect the subject more directly. Subjects have reported returning to places they commonly inhabit to find furniture slightly moved, and objects such as mail tampered with.

In extreme cases of prolonged uses of the item will result in the formation of visible messages manifesting themselves in the subjects residence, place of work, or place of education. cause the subject to begin to see patterns where there are none, such as messages hidden in the cracks in brickwork.

Please note that the item will occasionally substitute itself for similar non-anomalous items, presumably in order to be used. In addition, after use, the item will attempt to position itself in order to make the user use it again within a 48 72 hour period causes an increased rate of disorientation. There have been multiple cases where, due to interruptions during testing or other similar distractions, the user has misplaced the item, causing it to be erroneously replaced with the standard UV lights.

Addendum ██/██/20██: It appears that the object will cause the manifestation of notes, written in unknown handwriting to manifest to colleagues of its current target, accusing the target of various malicious acts targeted at the recipient. It is speculated that this behavior is an attempt on the object's part to initiate conflict between the target and the recipient.

Addendum ██/██/20██:
Notes from Researcher Jacobson
Analysis of the camera feed has shown strange anomalies, possible entity manipulating item?

EDIT ██/██/20██:
All staff is to be reminded that there is no evidence of an entity manipulating the item or the messages which appear from the use of the item.

Containment Procedures:
All non-anomalous UV lights on site are to be clearly marked with a bright red band, in order to prevent substitution with the item.

The item is to be kept in a standard storage locker, with a camera feed on it at all times. Every two hours, the feed is to be checked in order to ensure that substitution has not taken place.

In the event that the item is found outside of it's designated storage locker, it is to be reported to a site supervisor immediately, then returned to the designated storage locker.

The item is not to be used outside of testing.

Notable Tests:

Test Number Subject Cumulative Uses Notes
1 Researcher Jacobson 0 Anomalous Markings include: Several arrows pointing at a single section of wall, breaking wall at said point revealed nothing with the exception of a large plumbing line. Four large intersecting circles. The words 'Blue Lake' repeated three times.
4 Security Guard ████████ ██████ Presumably 0 Not an officially sanctioned test. Object substituted itself with a standard UV-light from the Site-██ armory was mistakenly swapped with the control during the previous test, causing it to be erroneously returned to the Site-██ armory and used during a routine maintenance test. Anomalous Markings include: The number 001 repeatedly, followed by the words 'lies'.
5 Researcher Jacobson 1 Anomalous Markings include: The words 'Blue Lake' repeated eight times. A large circle with a cross through it. The phrase 'I know'
6 Researcher Jacobson 2 Several files were found to be missing from Researcher Jacobson's workstation including his Site-ID, a thumb drive containing personal pictures, and his checkbook. Edit: All missing items were found at a security checkpoint. It appears that Researcher Jacobson misplaced them due to an unrelated incident.

Acquisition: The item was discovered in the ██████████ City Police department after a string of crime scene investigation members suffered mental breakdowns, with one resulting in the death of ██████ Shipman, a deliveryman for ████████. The investigation into the case led to the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacting ARC due to the anomalous nature of the case, namely messages directed at each individual who had suffered a breakdown found and filed from several crime scenes they had been present at.

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