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Staff Guide

Site Activity

  • Punish all rules fairly and equally.
  • Featured articles are to have under 6 votes before posting. Featured articles should be changed every two weeks.
  • Accepted and denied applications are to be saved and a copy placed in #application-log. Crosscheck before you accept. Denied applications are to be told why they have been denied. These messages must be sent in PM's, the automatic decline does not work.


  • Adhere to all of the site and discord rules. You are an example to the community and your behavior reflects upon the community, the rest of the staff team and the site itself. You are held to higher standards than others.
  • Any issues with other staff or situations need to be brought up in a report or to the person in question; bringing problems up in general chats or to others doesn’t accomplish anything.
  • If you’re getting angry at a user, another staff member, or a situation, just walk away. Just taking a break is so much easier and looks a lot better than losing your cool.
  • If you feel like your suggestion is being drowned out, don’t be afraid to get annoying. Don’t ping everyone but do feel free to bring it up again (when appropriate).
  • Do your best to get to know others on staff a little. You don’t have to like them but knowing who they are and how they deal with stress can only be helpful for difficult situations.
  • Your ideas/concepts are just as important as anyone else’s. Just because you’re not on lore team doesn’t mean you shouldn’t voice an opinion.
  • Treat all members equally. We have members from many different backgrounds and life experiences.


Coldpost Deletion
Coldposts will be deleted without warning. Take a copy and message the user explaining why the post was deleted. Use [[code]] (article) [[/code]] and send a copy.

Deletion Threshold
Deletion threshold is under 2.7 stars after 6 votes. Check to make sure that none of the votes are from raiders. If any are (and they still have 6 votes otherwise) calculate and see the right rating. Post the Timer and come back in 24 hours. Take a copy and message the user explaining why the post was deleted. Use [[code]] (article) [[/code]] and send a copy. Send any useful discussion posts from the discussion page as well in order to help the user improve.

Staff Punishment
If a staff member is found to have acted in misconduct they may be punished on a case by case basis. Staff members may have roles and responsibilities taken away or undergo a probationary period.

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